Celebrity Layered Hairstyles

Summer is almost here and my dears it is time to change. Draw some inspiration from pop and movie stars, cause they represent fashion and they introduce us the brand new ides in fashion, be it clothing, make up, or hair styling. Hair trends 2014 prompt us to follow celebrity layered hairstyles that look gorgeous on shiny hair.

long layered haircuts layered hairstyles by celebs

jennifer aniston layered haircuts center parted layered hairstyles

To acquire the glamorous image like celebrities in these pictures, first of all you must remember to keep hair healthy. Yes we know that long hair demand and time and effort, but look what incredible effect you may reach if all done properly. As for layering, keep in mind your face shape. Layers are irreplaceable to hide face imperfections, for instance choose tapered layers for round faces, and you will see how visually your face will become perfectly oval.

blonde layered hairstylesbrunette layered hairstyles

To create en edgy look I can advice you to try asymmetrical layers, they underline your best features and besides they are not common and make you stand out of crowd. The most popular in fact are choppy layered hairstyles, they are easy and cute, and can create many styles that you can wear when going to some special event. And at last don’t forget about bangs, blunt cut or asymmetrical bangs, side swept ones. Bangs are the easiest way to change image and combined with layering they make a good company together.

long layered hairstyles wavy layered hairstyles





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