Celebrity Hair Highlights

Women get inspired not only by hairstyles and haircuts that celebrities wear on every new occasion, but also by the colors they are choosing. This mostly concerns the once who like bold and bright hair highlights. There are still women who prefer such drastic and appealing image. Specially for them I represent this post with the best celebrity hair highlights, including most bold hair color solutions.

funky hair color cute two tone hair color

Brightly colored hair catches the eye but not all of us can dare to wear such a hairstyle, better choose nature hair color and spice it up bright highlights. Modern hair dying techniques offer so many hair colors and shades and highlights that you will never get tired experimenting with color. If you want short lasting effect use semi-permanent dying means that are actually not so harmful for hair texture.

Bold hair highlighting means choosing contrasting color for base hair color and the highlights. They must be contrasting but fitting each other, otherwise there is a possibility to look like a parrot. It can be funny at first sight but its not an image to wear for certain period of time.

It’s not only color that is important  but the style of hair highlighting. With bold colors it can be paneling, dip dying and even chunky highlights that spread on the up layers.

bold two tone hair color avril lavigne hair color

two tone brown hair color brown hair with highlights

blonde hair highlights brunnette hair highlights

electric blue funky hair color brown funky hair color



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