Bun Hairstyles Ideas

You are preparing for a party or formal event and are at a loss what hairstyle to choose? Let’s see what celebrities lately have represented during red carpet events. Analizing their hairstyle I found a tendency – celebrities chose mostly classy elegant hairstyles for different events. For sure some of them still go bold and never stop shocking us with their images. Lets see some classy bun hairstyles ideas that celebrities wear now.

Aishwarya Rai bun hairstyle elegant bun hairstyles

amber heard bun hairstyles updo hairstyles

Hairstylist work hard and constantly create new designs and due to them celebrities always look breathtaking. Some of their hairstyles though are quite complicated and can be designed only with the help hairdresser. So you can choose the most stunning updo hairstyle but you must know that you will have to pay well for it.

Some simple and relaxed celebrity updos are easy to recreate even if you just start to obtain sty ling skills. Video tutorial are widespread now, they have revealed many tricks to us. Here I also want to talk about some simple styling tricks that will make it simple for you to style a classy updo hairstyle.

The first condition for updo hairstyle is glossy smooth hair. If your hair is frizzy apply smoothing serum to make it easy to work with. Now that your hair is perfectly straight we can come to styling the updo. Tie hair in a ponytail to have a tight bun. Simply wrapping the tail and fixing it with pins will create a cute simple bun. The tail an be braided first and then tied to a bun. Braided bun will look very attractive.

bun hairstyles with headband loose bun hairstyles

selena gomez bun hairstyles jeniffer lopez tight bun hairstyles

taylor swift loose bun hairstyles high bun hairstyles



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