Beautiful Hairstyles 2014 by Dakota Fanning

Beautiful girl Dakota Fanning is now a young lady that has already become a perfect inspiration for millions of teens. Her unique beauty and charisma makes her the most popular and beloved young actress. However, today we will not talk about her talents. As a source of inspiration, young girls copy Dakota’s teen hairstyles 2014 so why not take a look at some of them and choose the best from her celebrity hairstyles for your beautiful makeover.

Dakota Fanning center parted hairstyles 2014 Dakota Fanning long straight hairstyles 2014

Before talking about beautiful hairstyles by Dakota Fanning it should be said that any hairstyle will look perfect if you have healthy hair. You should include homemade masks and conditioners to your hair care routine. At last, do not forget to trim hair regularly in order to stay away from split ends. 
Dakota Fanning has naturally blonde hair and no matter she choose long or short haircut, she will look equally gorgeous. Recently she was seen wearing shoulder length blunt cut hairstyle. Middle parting was in perfect harmony with her features and made her eyes more accentuated. In order to recreate this style first make sure your hair is not damaged.

Dakota Fanning side swept hairstyles 2014 Dakota Fanning natural hairstyles 2014

You may first think that this hairstyle is rather simple and there is nothing special about blunt cut hair. Take a look at Dakota’s pictures and you will immediately change your mind. There is no need to go overboard by wearing sophisticated hairstyles, all you need is to wear natural and simple hairstyle that will bring out your natural beauty.

If you long for some drama, you can easily change your casual hairstyle by making a deep side parting like Dakota. This trick will frame your face and at the same time add sexy allure to your glimpse.

Dakota Fanning long hairstyles 2014 Dakota Fanning medium hairstyles 2014



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