2014 MTV Movie Awards: Celebrity Hairstyles

2014 MTV Movie Awards already found its place in fashion and movie industry and yet even now we can look back and see marvellous examples of style and taste and draw some inspiration from the most breathtaking images. Although people say that for this event celebrities choose easy and casual hairstyles, I must mention that some of them look not only cute but feminine and gracious. Lets have a look together to get get convinced that celebrity hairstyles are always on the peak of beauty and charm.

Jessica_Alba_MTV_Movie_Awards_2014_Wavy_Hairstyle Chrissy Teigen MTV Movie Awards 2014 Hairstyle

This year red carpet trend seemed to belong to loose hairstyles. Indeed loose wavy hairstyles is the easiest one to create, yet it is one of the vintage hairstyles and besides looks very seductive. Side swept wavy hairstyles is also among the popular hairstyles inspired by the show. Center parted beach waves are gorgeous hairstyles not only for events but for hot season! beach waves are the most trendy summer hairstyles that look relaxed and sexy, and are very easy to create.

Holland_Roden_MTV_Movie_Awards_2014_Ponytail_Hairstyle Ellie_Goulding_MTV_Movie_Awards_2014_Hairstyle

Another celebrity hairstyle that caught attention during the show, is the simple celebrity ponytail hairstyle. Yes, simplicity is still in fashion and there is no other hairstyle that is as simple and elegant as ponytail. Tight high ponytail will fit any occasion, it all depends on the make up and dress you choose, while for summer  I’d rather advice loose low ponytails, with some strands left out, to create positive and relaxed image.

In fact 2014 MTV Movie Awards introduced us many worthy hairstyles, some examples are below, the others will appear in my next articles, so follow my blog to be in the center of events.

Nicki_Minaj_MTV_Movie_Awards_2014_Hairstyle Rihanna_MTV_Movie_Awards_2014_Curly_Hairstyle

Mila_Kunis_MTV_Movie_Awards_2014_Long_Hairstyle Lupita_Nyongo_MTV_Movie_Awards_2014_Black_Hairstyle





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