Updo Hairstyles

Romantic Braided Hairstyles

Ladies, it is the time to win hearts and inject the world with some more femininity and style. Relaxed and easy hairstyles are the fitting ones for summer season. The look very cute and they make you feel quite girlish and playful. As far as hair trends 2014 stand for natural looks, you won’t need to create tight braids and see if all strands are fixed, on the contrary loose side braids and some strands left out will create angelic image. Combined with sugar blonde hair color and ombre highlights your hairstyle will just conquer the surroundings. Here are the romantic braided hairstyles for the coming summer season.

messy braided hairtyles side fishtail

braided low bun long side braid

Fishtail braid is one of the most popular designs, yet it is a bit more complicated than the French braid and looks more exquisite. Anyways, if you are just practising styling skills, you can try messy side French braid. If your hair is poker straight, I will advice to make soft waves and then plait the tresses, to create messy effect. Read more »

French Twist Updo by Charlize Theron

All the new trends come to be popular and wide spread through celebrities. Once seen on the red carpet a dress, an accessory and a hairstyle become popular and go into people. Celebrities inspire us with the modern designs and we willingly follow them, but we shouldn’t forget that each of us ladies, is a unique treasure, and we should consider thoroughly our own image. Among celebrities Charlize Theron is the one standing out her her style, her hair always of blonde hair color or of blonde ombre highlights and her hairstyles always elegant. French twist updo by Charlize Theron is worth discussing and more close attention, cause it looks simply perfect.

charlize theron french twst updo french twist updo

You see an amazing hairstyle on pictures, and yet it is simple. Yes, it is all in the mainstream with the tendencies of natural hairstyles 2014. No complicated details and tricks, just hair twisted. Let’s consider how we can recreate French twist updo. Read more »

Elegant Hair Updos

If a woman is invited to a party, get ready for some fuss. No matter a formal party, or casual evening with classmates who she hasn’t seen for ages a total panic begins: what to wear, what shoes to choose, make and for sure hairstyle! If you were a celebrity, stylists would do it all for you, but now it’s all up to you to choose and decide and get the fabulous looks at the end. I am here to show you some examples of elegant hair updos that perhaps will fit you this time, let’s go!

hairstyles with headbands

Stylist each time represent us new styles that are gorgeous and sophisticated, but among hair updos I want to mention separately bun hairstyles, that were oh so popular in fifty’s. You could see women in buns everywhere, and not thin buns lacking body, but thick beehive buns. Read more »

Ponytail Hairstyles

The first hairstyle coming to mind when we talk about updos is a simple ponytail. A classy hairstyle that can be designed by any of us even without having styling skills at all. You may even say that wee ponytail is not a hairstyle to speak about but in reality ponytail hairstyles are very versatile and you an see now celebrities that wear high or low ponytails, braided ponytails, straight or curly ponytails. Besides any updo hairstyle is created on the basis of ponytails. Taken alone these cute updo hairstyles can fit any event from morning exercises to a formal evening cocktail. Now let’s see some elegant ponytails to get convinced in the power of these hairstyles.

formal ponytails

No matter whether you have medium or long hair, ponytail is a thing that you must have tried before, simply now try to pay more attention to details and twists, and you will be able to create a ponytail for any formal occasion. Read more »

Hairstyles for Black Women

Women want to look amazing regardless of when and where they appear. Healthy and shiny hair is the first thing for women to take care of. This concerns mostly women with dry frizzy hair. They happen to face some specific problems and only high quality hair care means can solve their issues. Frizzy and dry edges is all about black hair, black women often appear in front of such problem, but having solved it, ladies you will have the widest choice of glamorous hair styles. Let’s go on and see hairstyles for black women that are meant precisely for thick and tight black hair.

long straight hairstyles for black women african updo hairstyles

hairstyles for black women natural hairstyles for black women

If you are getting ready for a formal event it will be appropriate to have either sleek loose hair or create an updo hairstyle, but to do it you will need to straighten the tight curls of yours, here mind to use very good means of high quality not to harm your hair. Read more »

Formal Hairstyles 2014

Each woman wants to look smashing when she is invited to some special event, no matter corporate evening or best friends wedding. And here women stand in front of the hardest decision: what hairstyles to choose? Mind that it must fit your cocktail dress first of all. Hair trends 2014 advice to go for natural hairstyles, wavy and curly hair shouldn’t be straightened but pulled up in loose and messy updos. Now better see the pictures of formal hairstyles 2014 and get inspired.

braided buns Angelina Jolie elegant bun

naturally curly hair updos prom hairstyles

Bun hairstyles are the most popular elegant styles. And besides being trendy and stylish they are easy to create as well. Just making a ponytail and fixing hair around it makes a bun. All is about twists and accessories. To have glamorous look use hair clip with shiny stones. Or complete your bun with a braid around it. Depending on the event flower hair accessories will also suit updo bun hairstyles. Read more »

Easy Hairstyles

Hair types and textures are different but no matter what type is your hair, I am sure that at least once you must have experienced bad hair days, in which to decide what to do with tresses is almost impossible. Yet, in this post you can find some nice examples of easy hairstyles that can be of great use in the worst days.

simple side ponytail top knot

For long hairstyles it is complete nonsense to talk about the absence of new styles. Easy and simple hairstyles for long hair are infinite. The simple ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles throughout ages. It always look elegant if styled polish, and can be suitable for casual evenings if styled a bit loose and messy. Top knot is also among favourite hairstyles of all times. Easy, elegant, and stylish. Read more »

Formal Hairstyles

Each woman in her life comes across some special event when she has to look fantastic. It can be a prom at teen age, a wedding, a formal event organized by office, or even just a business meeting. Before the very day we need to get prepared and think of all: what to wear, what make up to choose, shoes are very important. And hairstyle is among the main things to plan for a special occasion. Below I will introduce some examples of formal hairstyles to make it easier for  you to select one.

Taylor Swift curly hairstyles formal curly updo

Hair trends 2014 offer us to stay natural and choose hairstyles that won’t look artificial, and instead will boost inner beauty. Don’t try to achieve a totally polished looks, better try messy hairstyles, loose curly hairstyles, boho braids, that don’t require too much time and look very modern. For women that are uncertain about loose or updo hairstyles, I can offer half updos that will look flattering with decolletes dresses accentuating your neck line and face. Read more »

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

If you are going to a party be sure the queen of the ball: think and plan in advance you cocktail dress, make up and for sure hairstyle that must complete your evening gown. For formal hairstyles you can choose one of the numerous elegant and graceful hairstyles that can fit any dress, as well as hair type and length.

half up half down hairstyles half up half down prom hairstyles

Nowadays you can create any hairstyle you can imagine, it is all due modern techniques and styling means. Some of them are quite modern as hair stylist never sleep, and some of them represent the classy hairstyles that never yield their positions in hair fashion industry. Among such classical hairstyles I can mention half up half down hairstyles. These ones are very cute and can be elegant fitting parties with friends and formal occasions like proms and weddings. So you see that styles for half updo hairstyles are many, you just need to choose an updo for your event. Read more »

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Any teenage girl will tell you that prom is the most important event in her life. And girls of that age get ready for it just like mature women for wedding! Girls try to plan it all including prom dress, adequate make up and certainly hairstyle. This season any hairstyle is possible, but mind that it must look natural, not too polished and not too neat. The styles are numerous and you must keep in mind that the prom hairstyle should complete your prom dress and in this case you will be the princess and will conquer all guys’ hearts. The great inspiration in choosing an appropriate style is celebrity hairstyles that are always fashionable and beautiful. Now girls let’s take a look at prom hairstyles for long hair and find out what you can do with your hair on that special day.

Jenny McCarthy prom hairstyle jenny mccarthy updo prom hairstyle

Girls who want to have a real lady appearance must go for Jenny McCarthy’s bun up-do hairstyle, that will make them feel women and besides this hairstyle can fit any evening dress. You can curl hair at first and then make a voluminous bun. Mind that combined with big round earrings this hairstyle looks even better and feminine. Read more »