Short Layered Hairstyles

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Hair trends 2014 give us a vast variety of hairstyles to choose from, and this concerns all hair types. As far as this year hair stylists offer us to be natural, I want to introduce to you this post with hairstyles for curly hair, that look very natural and cute.

hairstyles for curly hair haircuts for curly hair

These examples show you vividly that curly hair is fantastic. And by the way it is not difficult to deal with curls if you have appropriate haircut. Layering is a great option for curly hairstyles, to make them graduated and more flexible. Long layered hairstyles arm you great many styling option to always look fresh and with new image. Read more »

Short Hairstyles for Older Women

All women despite their age and nationality always pay attention to their appearance: a bit of makeup, nice clothes and for sure appropriate hairstyle. For mature women hairstyle should be chosen carefully to accentuate their best features. And here ladies should know some rules not to ruin their image.

Below are some examples of short hairstyles for older women, so if you are looking for a suitable hairstyle in accordance to your age, face shape and features, and hair texture, then run through this post to have some nice ideas.

pixie for mature women layered hairstyle for women over 40

Short hairstyles became very popular during last seasons, and current season is no exclusion. Many women prefer short hairstyles, cause they don’t need maintenance, are easy to deal with and look stylish and feminine. Read more »

Short Hairstyles with Bangs

Short haircuts are nowadays very popular not only among our beloved celebrities but among women all over the world. The most noticeable advantage of short haircut is its low maintenance and hair care procedures. This is why business women and on the whole working ladies prefer short hairstyles. Besides short hairstyle will make you get rid of split ends and dry lifeless tresses and inspire new breath to your image.

Paloma rose garcia short haircutShawna parvin short haircut

Short haircuts with bangsElegant short hairstyle

There are many ways for styling short haircuts and be sure that all of them will make you look unforgettable, but if you are getting ready for a special event and need to have an elegant looks then check out these examples of short haircuts with bangs that will make you look very feminine and graceful. Read more »

Short Haircut Styles

Hair trends 2014  introduced us incredible design for this year. And we talked already about some long and medium hairstyles and now in this post let’s consider short haircut styles that will be in trends this spring-summer season.

best short haircuts

Short haircuts are numerous and incredibly various. So to find the best hairstyles I decided to turn to celebrities that are always in trends. And I got inspiration. Find below what I have found to introduce you.

Jennifer Lawrence short haircuts

Seductive hunter from “Hunger Games” Jennifer Lawrence suddenly changed hair hairstyle to pixie haircut. First she cut off her beautiful long hair and got a shocking bob haircut and it suited her a lot. She seems not to stop to astound us with her makeovers. Read more »

Chanel 2014 Spring/Summer Campaign: Funky Hairstyles

My posts are often about the images and hairstyles that well known start wear, our beloved celebrities, and recently I have found out that designer campaigns also include many wonderful design of hair precisely. And that is why I want to start also reporting from such campaigns. The first one will be Chanel 2014 Spring/Summer Campaign that brought a new breath in fashion industry just the moment it started. The funky hairstyles from the campaign are adorable

funky hairstyles Chanel 2014

The featuring models of the campaign were the well known Sasha Luss and Lindsey Wixson, and maybe this is one of the reasons why the Chanel campaign attracted so much attention just at once. Let’s examine more closely the photoshoot. Read more »

Short Haircuts 2014: Miley Cyrus Hairstyles

Miley Cyrus! We have been hearing her name now and then the whole last year and I am sure that this one she will be on the peak of popularity as well. She has shocked us with her behaviour, videos, shows, as well as with her brand new image. She suddenly chopped off her cute blonde locks and changed from an angelic teen into a real lady vamp, and she was a success with her new look.

miley cyrus slicked back short hairstyles

As far as we are talking about hairstyles I will represent to you short haircuts 2014 by Miley Cyrus.  At first her dramatic change was being discussed by everybody around the world, and now that we are more or less adapted to it, I suggest looking back at her images and some of them I find really inspirational to make a change in my own appearance. Read more »

Bob Haircuts 2014

2014 hair trends offer the greatest variety of hairstyles, hair colors, new hair designs, it’s all so amazing. So if you feel bored with you current look and feel ready to upgrade it for the coming seasons, check out some new designs spiced with hottest hair styling tricks. Look through bob haircuts 2014 I represent below to get inspired by the best designs.

A line bob hairstyles

Classy bob haircut has never lost its popularity since 20s. Indeed retro bob haircut has gone through some drastic changes, but bob hairstyle never loses its position and i am more than sure that this year bob hairstyles will be the trend again. Read more »

Short Hairstyles 2014

The hottest haircut of the coming season is waiting for you if you are the beauty bunny and fashionista. To get you inspired I created this list of short hairstyles 2014 that will be in trends during the spring summer seasons.

short hairstyles classical pixie

Chopping off long tresses tom opt a modern short haircut is a dreadful and risky step for the majority of women. Yet we already know that short haircuts are very sexy and make you look even more feminine than longer hairstyles in some cases. But only self confident and independent women can make such a drastic change in appearance. But don’t panic in advance. There a re many new medium short hairstyles that are highly trendy and still not that dramatic. Read more »

Layered Hairstyles 2014

New season is almost here! Are you ready to make the step for a change in the coming season? All our beloved celebs and beauty bunnies have already updated their image with new clothing designs as well as hairstyling ways. So it is the very time to take a look through new designs and choose a hot hairstyle to win hearts.

Hairstyles designed are numerous, it is just a matter of what you like more. If you seek for dramatic changes you can vary from extra short haircut to medium and asymmetric haircuts. But we all know that owners of long hair cant chop off an inch of their hair length, so the best solution in such a case is layering that will upgrade your image, inspire it with fresh breath and yet you will still wear long hairstyle.

ginger layered hairstyles

2014 hair trends represent the greatest variety of new hairstyles, you can just get lost while choosing. Layers can be added to any hair length, short, medium or long. Layering styles have some specific features and now we will discuss some of them. Read more »

Short Haircuts Trends 2014

Modern haircuts and hairstyles have such a great variety of styling ways that it gets really hard to choose a proper hairstyle that will not only be trendy but will fit the face shape and boost natural beauty. Find a haircut that fits your personality. I see that it’s quite difficult but in no way it means sticking to monotonous style. To get inspiration go thorough my posts

Short Hairstyles Ideas choppy layered short haircut

blonde short haircut extra short black hairstyle

2014 spring-summer hair trends offer us new designs of the haircuts we already know, but the best hairstyle among them trendy short haircut. New designs of short haircuts are very feminine and elegant. Just have a look@ Could you also take a risk and chop off your tresses to have such an amazing seductive hairstyle? Read the post till the end and maybe short haircuts trends 2014 will inspire you to make the step. Read more »