Short Hairstyles

Retro Bowl Haircuts

The coming season just like the previous one is full of retro hairstyling solutions that this time are fulfilled with some new curious details. The retro trend is not only in hairstyling but in make up, clothing, interior and exterior designs, and this season trends are rather strong. So you won’t have to think and get disturbed that your retro image will become dull and out of fashion in a couple of weeks.

Now let’s return to new retro hairstyles that are among the hottest hairstyles this season. We wont talk about retro curls and waves this time but i will draw your attention to a very unique hairstyle – retro bowl haircut, this style is a new fresh touch in hair trends and it really looks amazing. In the past people found bowl cuts simple and boring but nowadays have a look, you can never call them boring.

Retro Bowl Cut Hairstye Bowl Cuts

Retro Bowl Cuts 2014 Retro Bowl-Cuts

Blunt cut design, long hair at the top and shorter at sides is the best retro style for bowl haircut. Retro hairstyle is usually styled sleek with no waves and mesyy effects. Quite tricky for the ones with natural curly hair. You can achieve perfect look only with the help of first class hair iro and straighteners, and anyways our trendy hair masters and gurus offer a new line of modern bowl haircuts that are not so strict and can be designed tousled.

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Hairstyles Ideas by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is the pop icon, the beloved celebrity by girls and boys and grown ups, the sex symbol of our time.Fans from all over the world imitate him and copy his charismatic image.His stands out  with his unique style yet his style is not hard to recreate. Check out hairstyle ideas by Justin Timberlake I collected for you below and choose the one fitting your own style.


Justin Timberlake never avoids changes as many celebrities do and always seeks for something new. Now you can see him wearing a shaved head style but it was not too long before that he appeared with a curly haircut.  Anyways, any image he creates is charismatic and sexy, and you can pick out any you desire.

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Trendy Men Haircuts 2013

Underline your individuality and inspire fresh breath to your image with the trendy men haircuts 2013 I represent below. Experiment with the brand new hot hairstyles and change completely your casual image with new season style. Don’t miss your unique chance to accentuate your confidence with the amazing haircut. Its long before that male haircuts stopped being just buzz cut styles. Nowadays men wear medium length haircuts with choppy and asymmetric layers, so be in trends, grow your hair a bit and create the amazing haircut.

The most fashionable styles of the new season will allow you to experiment with uncountable styles and make the shift in your image going from elegant design to more tousled and relaxed hairstyles. The examples of men haircuts will fit any face shape and hair texture, so don’t waste your time and check them out to make step towards complete transformation of your image. Read more »

Short Hairstyles Trends 2013

Change your attitude towards haircuts and hair-styling and get a brand new look with a modern short haircut in the coming season. It appears that short haircut is the best way to underline your inborn beauty and highlight your individuality. No other style than short haircut will inspire you so much sexuality and seductive looks. Go through the examples of short hairstyle trends 2013 I represent below and decide for yourself whether you are to make the shift or not.

With short haircut you will enjoy the simple hair care procedures and experiment with the great variety of styling options for a haircut of such length. You will see that conception short hair has limited styling variations is totally wrong. Take a glance at short hairstyles trends of the new season and open up new possibilities of transforming you appearance. Read more »

Short Hairstyles for New Season

Get the brand new image with cutest short haircuts for new season. Stress your best features with these extravagant short haircuts and be the trendsetter! Go through the pictures of short haircuts I collected below, choose the one for you, and make the shift in your appearance with the modern short haircut.

Strict lines and acute definite edges of these modern short haircuts appear to be so seductive and hot! Each of these haircuts is a unique representation of the modern world. This year as well as it was last short pixie will be in trends above all other short haircuts. Short pixie is often combined with a dissymmetric bang or long choppy bang to make it look even more fashionable. But if you want to create something more complicated combine it with a longer bang to challenge your styling skills. Get a graceful look with a sleek short pixie created by a flat iron, or a flirtier look with the help of texturizer. Read more »

Hot Bob Hairstyles

The hairstyle that seems to never be out of fashion is classical bob hairstyle that every new season is updated by some new trendy touches. The newest trends in bob haircuts are meant to soften you face features so don’t be afraid of changes and take a look on hot bob hairstyle ideas presented below to choose your haircut.

Bob hairstyle will always keep you in the centre of attention and will never fail to highlight your elegance and beauty. The trends prompt that bob haircuts are to be highly glamorous and fashionable this year and will make you look seductive and sensual.

Hot Bob Hairstyles

The super popular vintage style this year refers not only to fashion, dressing make-up but surely to hairstyles. A slight romantic touch will be inspired to your image by a vintage bob haircut. Read more »

Trendy Haircuts for Teen Girls

The perception of life is directly expressed in the hairstyle you wear, be attentive – any woman and a girl must have a hairstyle appropriate to age. Teens must be more careful with haircuts not to make them look older. Thank goodness, modern hair styling offers numerous styles, a teen can easily find her own way. Go through the some examples of trendy haircuts for teen girls below and pick up your special style.

Don’t get trapped in the same style for very long – haircut decisions are variable, some simple tricks can completely change your look and make it wicked. Don’t get involved with edgy changes, the below trendy haircuts for teen girls show designs for both long and short haircuts.

Long Hairstyles for Teen Girls

Extra long hairstyle talks for you – you are very stylish and glamorous. No matter if you wear blunt cut hairstyle or layered long hairstyle; you will have multiple variations of styling it. Your haircut can be curly or wavy, poker straight; u can create a simple up-do hairstyle and have gorgeous look on any possible event.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Teen Girls

The great variety of sculpting possibilities and low maintenance make the medium length hair be the most popular among women. The medium long hair is perfectly suitable to master your styling skills. Read more »

Hairstyle Ideas for Teens

At the age of being a teen, girls never stop changing their style ranging it from quite simple ones to the most extreme. The modern hairstyle ideas are numerous and very cute and appropriate to the teen age. However, girls getting inspired by celebrity styles, make great mistakes in creating their own image. The important factors like age first of all, then face shape, hair quality must be taken into account while choosing the right style. Here below are some hairstyle ideas for teens that can be of use to you.

If you have long hair then it’s the best option that will allow you to have the widest range of hairstyle ideas. Your fabulous looks are guaranteed no matter if your choice is pulled up hair or simple wavy hairstyle. The teen girls usually are amazed by wearing long hair but the important thing to remember is that teen hairstyle should be natural and easy. Read more »

Straight Hairstyles

Straight hair styles will never say goodbye to their popularity due to their amazing look. Take a look at the following straight hair styles ideas for and decide which style will perfectly suit your face shape and personality. Straight hair styles have always been elegant and impressive. So, it is always easy to get a more attractive look according to your straight hair style.

straight hair styles medium straight hair style

long straight hair style short straight hair

Straight hairstyles easily give you a stylish and cute look regardless of your hair length. They are perfect for all hair lengths and can be created rather quickly and easily when using different hair straightening tools or flat irons.
To make the right choice you can draw inspiration from the following sleek straight hairstyles ideas.

Short straight hair styles
Short hair styles work perfect due to the low maintenance and sexy style.
Short straight hair styles are cool for diffrent occasions. They provide some elegance and unique style for different occasions. Read more »

Short Hairstyles

Prep your locks to create a glamorous and a perfect look for the new season. These  brand new short hair styles will be the best element to crown your summer look with. Choose the best short hair style from these glam and impressive short hair styles. Check out the hottest and the trendiest short hair styles to go too glam and cute at any event.

Short Hair Styles 2012

2012 short hair style short bob hair style

short hair styles classy short hair style

Create a stylish pixie or short bob hair style using your styling skills. These trendiest in-salon styles will be a perfect source of inspiration for you to create your next styilsh short hair style. Style your tresses messy, super sleek wavy or curly depending on your preferences and the impression you want to create. Use a straightening iron or a tiny amount of shine serum to create glamorous and modern straight strands for the next season. Read more »