Short Hairstyles

Short Haircuts 2014: Miley Cyrus Hairstyles

Miley Cyrus! We have been hearing her name now and then the whole last year and I am sure that this one she will be on the peak of popularity as well. She has shocked us with her behaviour, videos, shows, as well as with her brand new image. She suddenly chopped off her cute blonde locks and changed from an angelic teen into a real lady vamp, and she was a success with her new look.

miley cyrus slicked back short hairstyles

As far as we are talking about hairstyles I will represent to you short haircuts 2014 by Miley Cyrus.  At first her dramatic change was being discussed by everybody around the world, and now that we are more or less adapted to it, I suggest looking back at her images and some of them I find really inspirational to make a change in my own appearance. Read more »

Bob Haircuts 2014

2014 hair trends offer the greatest variety of hairstyles, hair colors, new hair designs, it’s all so amazing. So if you feel bored with you current look and feel ready to upgrade it for the coming seasons, check out some new designs spiced with hottest hair styling tricks. Look through bob haircuts 2014 I represent below to get inspired by the best designs.

A line bob hairstyles

Classy bob haircut has never lost its popularity since 20s. Indeed retro bob haircut has gone through some drastic changes, but bob hairstyle never loses its position and i am more than sure that this year bob hairstyles will be the trend again. Read more »

Short Hairstyles 2014

The hottest haircut of the coming season is waiting for you if you are the beauty bunny and fashionista. To get you inspired I created this list of short hairstyles 2014 that will be in trends during the spring summer seasons.

short hairstyles classical pixie

Chopping off long tresses tom opt a modern short haircut is a dreadful and risky step for the majority of women. Yet we already know that short haircuts are very sexy and make you look even more feminine than longer hairstyles in some cases. But only self confident and independent women can make such a drastic change in appearance. But don’t panic in advance. There a re many new medium short hairstyles that are highly trendy and still not that dramatic. Read more »

Short Haircuts Trends 2014

Modern haircuts and hairstyles have such a great variety of styling ways that it gets really hard to choose a proper hairstyle that will not only be trendy but will fit the face shape and boost natural beauty. Find a haircut that fits your personality. I see that it’s quite difficult but in no way it means sticking to monotonous style. To get inspiration go thorough my posts

Short Hairstyles Ideas choppy layered short haircut

blonde short haircut extra short black hairstyle

2014 spring-summer hair trends offer us new designs of the haircuts we already know, but the best hairstyle among them trendy short haircut. New designs of short haircuts are very feminine and elegant. Just have a look@ Could you also take a risk and chop off your tresses to have such an amazing seductive hairstyle? Read the post till the end and maybe short haircuts trends 2014 will inspire you to make the step. Read more »

Men’s Haircuts 2014

Hairstyles designs this year are even more daring than the ones proposed by previous season. hair stylists and masters have set the 2014 hair trends and created best designs to accentuate you character and personality. Th new variations of previous styles are so many both for women and men that you wont need much time going through hairstyles galleries to find the trendiest style for you. we almost always talk about women hairstyles leaving out men. While men haircuts can also be different and stylish. Here below I put together some of best men’s haircuts 2014, check it out.

cool mens haircuts mens hairstyles

The modern men hairstyle trends advice to keep hair a bit longer than usually. This will help you to have various styling ways. Simple buzz cut hairstyle that looks very manly but has no styling variations is actually out of fashion nowadays. Keeping the crown part a bit longer will let it style hair sleek or tousled, pulled to the side or back. Read more »

Short Hairstyles Ideas

Ladies that want to be in trends and catch eyes, check out short hairstyles ideas that include all the trends of 2014 and have the air of modern touch around them.

Short hairstyles are gaining more and more popularity each day. Among the celebrities you can see many with short haircuts. Even the ones who used to wear long tresses, have come to shortening their hairstyle. Quite daring, right? In this post I will represent some new short hairstyles ideas 2014 and you will be able to understand whether you can take the risk to change your image to to a new seductive look.

retro short hairstyle messy short haircut

blonde pixie haircut choppy layered pixie

Pixie haircut can be considered the best short haircut that is beyond any doubts the trend 2014. Hair stylist advice to opt choppy bang and short crops for the coming spring-summer seasons. If you are a confident and strong woman, definitely this is your style to show your power. Anyways, you must take into account face shape, pixie wont fit long, square and round faces. If you still want pixie you can try another option – short pixie with a longer layered bang that will hide face imperfections and mostly accentuate eyes. Read more »

Trendy Short Hairstyles 2014

You feel ready to make a step towards a total change in your appearance? Check it out! here below find some of the hottest trendy short hairstyles 2014 and choose a new look for you! Short hairstyles look modern, they are easy to styler and maintain, they are all about advantages!

new short haisrtyle short red hairstyle

Short haircuts trends 2014 are quiet edgy, with bolder designs, like choppy layers, razor cut designs, bright colors, shaved sides and totally new styling ways.Among them for sure you can find more classy and elegant designs. The lovers of retro hairstyle will still find some designs spiced with new details. Read more »

Short Haircuts Trends

Winter 2014 has brought its trends for the coming seasons and we already know which of hairstyles will be the most popular in forthcoming seasons. Its the short hairstyle that has some new modern details in it now and is inspired with fresh touch. Though the short hairstyles are upgraded to modern looks but its obvious that trends choose vintage hairstyles air in the new models.

Many celebrities have already changed their hairstyles to shorter designs so if you want to  upgrade your image just follow their examples. Here you will see some new examples of short haircuts trends and will be able to make the decision.

retro short haircut 2014 soft layered pixie

In first place lets discuss retro short hairstyle that is to say short pixie with soft layers. This hairstyle will perfectly underline your natural beauty and sensuality and for sure it never looks boyish as you may think now. Short pixie is stunning hairstyle but mind that it suits the ones with perfect oval face and head shape. Read more »

Teen Hairstyles Trends

Teenage girls are as fond of experimenting with their appearance and mostly hairstyles as grown up women. And hair stylists have created many new styles precisely for teens. Anyways, girls sometimes seem to forget about age and make wrong decision while choosing hairstyle.

There exist great many natural and cute hairstyles for teens that are all updated with modern tricks and accessories. Teen hairstyles trends 2014 include many new ways to style hair and none of them is complicated. Find below some new ideas for teen hairstyles.

Teenage Hairstyle long straight teen hairstyle

bang teen hairstyle layered teen hairstyle

One of the most important factors while choosing a hairstyle is its low maintenance, cause for a teen its better to spend time having fun with friends than spend hours in front of the mirror suffering with styling. Young girls usually prefer long hairstyles, they are not only easy to maintain but make them look cute and womanly. Updo hairstyles will always make you look amazing. A simple top knot, ballerina bun, ponytail or any other pinned up hairstyle is greatest decision in many situations. Read more »

Easy Short Layered Hairstyles

Here comes the excellent time for upgrading your image with a brand new hairstyle. You are feeling like coming back to life with spring so make the step towards the change! Here is a amazing list of easy short layered hairstyles that are not only in trends this year but also very functional requiring low maintenance.

A short layered vibrant hairstyle

This style is very extravagant and unique so try it only if you are ready for the change, no matter the face shape, if you feel like, go for this style that will suit your life position and personality!

vibrant short layered hairstyleshort layered pixie

Also above you see extra short cut layered pixie hairstyle that has much texture in it and actually requires no maintenance.

A short shaggy layered haircut

Not too short but still not medium haircut will be perfect for oval and heart shaped faces. With bangs it looks stunning. Read more »