Short Hairstyles

Selma Blair Cute Hairstyles for Fall 2014

Talented actress Selma Blair looks cute with any of her celebrity hairstyles be it simple loose hair or more glamorous updo hairstyle. The secret of her attractiveness is that she always looks natural and feminine and never goes overboard with makeup or hairstyle. Indeed, naturalness is the buzzword of this season and natural style is more appreciated than any sophisticated one.

Selma Blair short bob hairstyles Selma Blair long wavy hairstyles

Selma Blair is more often seen with cute midi haircut that beautifully emphasizes her facial features. Midi haircut is perfect option for ladies how have no time to maintain long hair so if you liked the idea of having gorgeous look without any effort get some inspiration from Selma Blair cute hairstyles for fall 2014 and choose the hottest style for your next beauty session. Read more »

2014 Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

The greatest option of haircut is to make you look attractive and stylish and that’s why women spend so much time and money on hair styling. Most women think that hairstyle should be trendy and stylish and forget about the fact that first of all hairstyle should be suitable for face shape. In fact, this is the fist criterion of having elegant and sexy look. As there are different women with different features, I want to devote this post to women with round face shape.

Short-Hairstyles-for-Round-Faces-2014 stylish-layered-hairstyle

It is very easy to distinguish whether you have round face shape or not. If you have round face shape, your main goal should be to hide the width of the cheeks and make your face look oval. Thanks to great variety of haircut and styling options you can easily create slimmer face without opting for diets. Long hairstyle is may be the best one that will create desired look but let’s consider shorter hairstyles suitable for round face shape. Here are some ideas of 2014 hairstyles for round face shape. Read more »

Elegant Short Hairstyles 2014

Ladies with long hair have not once practiced bad hair days. Indeed, long hair needs special care and attention that’s why such hairstyle will be suitable for those who are ready to devote much time on hair. On the other hand, busy women who simply do not have time to style hair and sometimes even cannot manage to have proper makeup, should forget about long hairstyle and opt for shorter haircuts.

Short-Hairstyles-2014 short-haircut-2014-women

Elegant short haircuts are very popular nowadays and millions of women opt for short style. Furthermore, short haircut will highlight your strong individuality in the best way. The versatility of short haircuts is simply amazing and include zillion styles for any taste and personality so if you have made up your mind to go shorter, you can get some inspiration from this selection of elegant short hairstyles 2014. Read more »

Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Past season hairstyles introduced some new things in hairstyles industry, precisely retro hairstyles. For both men and women we saw styles that were originally popular years before, but now were represented with new modern breath. And I want to say that the tendencies of the current season have not changed much, vintage atmosphere is everywhere around: in clothing, make up and hair styling. For women we have discussed it before, but for mens hairstyles I would like to introduce some designs in this article. As we have come to retro styles I should say that old good undercut hairstyles for men are in trends now, they look masculine and strong, and fashionable cause stylists fresh touch has said its word.

formal undercut hairstyle men david beckham undercut hairstyles

undercut hairstyle men men undercut hairstyle

Classy undercut hair were on the peak of popularity in 1920’s, and now in these times of fresh ideas they have returned upgraded and worthy celeb looks. Undercut hairstyle is usually crop cut or even shaved on sides and a bit longer on the crown area. Read more »

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Natural looks are the slogan of hair trends 2014. Any hairstyle that looks natural no matter of easy or complicated design is in trends. The most popular hairstyles among natural looks are wavy hairstyles, cause they are close to original hair texture without any interference of styling means. If you consider latest red carpet events, you will understand that actually many celebrities choose being wavy, cause first it is easy, much easier than curls, and besides hairstyles for wavy hair can fit any hair length, if you are not totally crop cut for sure. Now let’s see some examples to make you sure that waves are gorgeous.

long hairstyles for wavy hair hairstyles for thick wavy hair

short hairstyles for wavy hair long wavy hairstyles

Now there is no need spending hours trying to straighten waves and curls, all you need to do is applying some gel to cam down the waves and that’s it! Imagine how many hours ot will save for you and wavy hairstyles look trendy in fact. Read more »

Hairstyle Ideas

If you are among the vast rows of women that are wearing one and the same hairstyles for ages, this article is devoted to you. Hair trends 2014 have already introduced us many wonderful hairstyles, and as I have said before most of them are natural and easy to maintain  and to create. Here I will show you some hairstyle ideas that are fresh and simple and can fit any hair texture and length. Don’t get stuck with you older looks, it’s summer, its time to be daring and change at least hairstyle. Dear ladies, let’s go and see what the trend s2014 have brought us.

braided hairstyles messy side ponytail

ash blonde hair color long dutch braids

Hairstyles 2014 involve many new designs as well as upgraded versions of well know retro hairstyles. Among them first to be mentioned is braided hairstyles. They are always trendy, regardless of season, of your age and of face shape. This season Dutch braids, and French twists, and other braided designs are a bit tousled and styled messy, to make them look natural, no polished styles are fashionable. Read more »

Undercut Hairstyle for Women

Sunny weather and hot wind makes us think of our image. Do you look as hot as the summer weather? If not yet, let’s discuss in this article undercut hairstyle for women. The majority of you now may say that undercut hairstyle is for men, but I will argue with you here, cause many celebrities choose undercut hairstyle to underline their self confidence and personality, so why can’t you choose a hairstyle to boost your individuality?  Undercut hairstyles are not of one kind, they can be different starting from casual designs to more complicated ones, making you look soft and on the contrary bold.

rihanna long undercut hairstyle short undercut hairstyle

undercut hairstyles braided undercut hairstyle

Undercut style is a retro hairstyle in fact that has returned into fashion during last years, and hold positions so far. It can fit both men and women, and looks equally smart on long and short hair length. And on the whole how can shaved side and longer hair look dull? I assure you that this hairstyle will inject you with life and sexy looks. Read more »

Pin Up Hairstyles

Retro hairstyles are coming back to our modern fashion more and more now. Many new hair designs are full of retro tricks and details on one hand, and on the other retro styles are completed with modern details. Retro atmosphere is all around, in clothing fashion, in make up, and in hairstyles. So let’s see some of them, precisely pin up hairstyles, the once popular styles from 50’s, that entered 2014 and made a real statement with their appearance.

christina aguilera pin up hairstyles vintage pin up hairstyles

retro pin up hairstyles pin up hairstyles for short hair

In the pictures you see well known celebrities that have turned to hairstyles from 50’s and maybe in some cases they have similar looks appearing on different high class events, but in fact pin up hairstyles look very sexy and they underline the beauty and femininity of each single woman separately. Read more »

Party Short Hairstyles

Hair trends 2014 include many hairstyles for casual daily life, for official events and for sure for parties. Many extravagant designs can be offered and for sure any woman invited to a party wants to look best of all. Her dress and make up must be very eye catching, and doubtless hairstyle also plays an important role in any woman’s image. Though party hairstyles are meant for any hair length, in this article I would like to discuss in detail party short hairstyles, cause many think that short hair doesn’t allow place for imagination and new styles, I will show you that you are very wrong.

short hairstyles 2014 short party hairstyles

glamorous pixie retro short hairstyles

Try to choose a short haircut with asymmetrical layers and bangs, because they will allow you to have many styling ways, and you will be able even to decide what style to have in accordance with the party. Read more »

Shag Hairstyles for Men

Hair trends 2014 are very versatile, you can see numerous designs for all face shapes and hair types. And I am talking now not about women, but mens hairstyles. You can see now many new decisions to original simple hairstyles. All the styles are completed with layers and bangs, to offer more possible designs. Today I will represent shag hairstyles for men, cause they have proved to be quite popular among celebrities recently, and we happened to meet stars with such haircuts everywhere. Why shag? Because it is easy, no maintenance at all and it is suitable for different face shapes and hair texture. Let’s have a look now.

johny depp shag haircuts Kit Harington curly shag haircuts

shag hairstyles for men brad pitt shag hairstyles

Men believe that traditional buzz cut hairstyles are the best solution and longer hair will make them look less manly, but i assure you that if you happen to try shag hairstyles you will love them. Read more »