Retro Hairstyles

Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Past season hairstyles introduced some new things in hairstyles industry, precisely retro hairstyles. For both men and women we saw styles that were originally popular years before, but now were represented with new modern breath. And I want to say that the tendencies of the current season have not changed much, vintage atmosphere is everywhere around: in clothing, make up and hair styling. For women we have discussed it before, but for mens hairstyles I would like to introduce some designs in this article. As we have come to retro styles I should say that old good undercut hairstyles for men are in trends now, they look masculine and strong, and fashionable cause stylists fresh touch has said its word.

formal undercut hairstyle men david beckham undercut hairstyles

undercut hairstyle men men undercut hairstyle

Classy undercut hair were on the peak of popularity in 1920’s, and now in these times of fresh ideas they have returned upgraded and worthy celeb looks. Undercut hairstyle is usually crop cut or even shaved on sides and a bit longer on the crown area. Read more »

Undercut Hairstyle for Women

Sunny weather and hot wind makes us think of our image. Do you look as hot as the summer weather? If not yet, let’s discuss in this article undercut hairstyle for women. The majority of you now may say that undercut hairstyle is for men, but I will argue with you here, cause many celebrities choose undercut hairstyle to underline their self confidence and personality, so why can’t you choose a hairstyle to boost your individuality?  Undercut hairstyles are not of one kind, they can be different starting from casual designs to more complicated ones, making you look soft and on the contrary bold.

rihanna long undercut hairstyle short undercut hairstyle

undercut hairstyles braided undercut hairstyle

Undercut style is a retro hairstyle in fact that has returned into fashion during last years, and hold positions so far. It can fit both men and women, and looks equally smart on long and short hair length. And on the whole how can shaved side and longer hair look dull? I assure you that this hairstyle will inject you with life and sexy looks. Read more »

Pin Up Hairstyles

Retro hairstyles are coming back to our modern fashion more and more now. Many new hair designs are full of retro tricks and details on one hand, and on the other retro styles are completed with modern details. Retro atmosphere is all around, in clothing fashion, in make up, and in hairstyles. So let’s see some of them, precisely pin up hairstyles, the once popular styles from 50’s, that entered 2014 and made a real statement with their appearance.

christina aguilera pin up hairstyles vintage pin up hairstyles

retro pin up hairstyles pin up hairstyles for short hair

In the pictures you see well known celebrities that have turned to hairstyles from 50’s and maybe in some cases they have similar looks appearing on different high class events, but in fact pin up hairstyles look very sexy and they underline the beauty and femininity of each single woman separately. Read more »

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Hair trends 2014 give us a vast variety of hairstyles to choose from, and this concerns all hair types. As far as this year hair stylists offer us to be natural, I want to introduce to you this post with hairstyles for curly hair, that look very natural and cute.

hairstyles for curly hair haircuts for curly hair

These examples show you vividly that curly hair is fantastic. And by the way it is not difficult to deal with curls if you have appropriate haircut. Layering is a great option for curly hairstyles, to make them graduated and more flexible. Long layered hairstyles arm you great many styling option to always look fresh and with new image. Read more »

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Any teenage girl will tell you that prom is the most important event in her life. And girls of that age get ready for it just like mature women for wedding! Girls try to plan it all including prom dress, adequate make up and certainly hairstyle. This season any hairstyle is possible, but mind that it must look natural, not too polished and not too neat. The styles are numerous and you must keep in mind that the prom hairstyle should complete your prom dress and in this case you will be the princess and will conquer all guys’ hearts. The great inspiration in choosing an appropriate style is celebrity hairstyles that are always fashionable and beautiful. Now girls let’s take a look at prom hairstyles for long hair and find out what you can do with your hair on that special day.

Jenny McCarthy prom hairstyle jenny mccarthy updo prom hairstyle

Girls who want to have a real lady appearance must go for Jenny McCarthy’s bun up-do hairstyle, that will make them feel women and besides this hairstyle can fit any evening dress. You can curl hair at first and then make a voluminous bun. Mind that combined with big round earrings this hairstyle looks even better and feminine. Read more »

Short Hair Updos

Women all around the world come to choose short hairstyles nowadays. And this tendency is quite clear, cause in modern world of infinite possibilities women got integrated in job processes and this resulted in having no time to take care of of long hairstyles. Short haircuts are functional, easy to maintain and look cute. But the thing is that with short haircuts sometimes you feel hard to create an elegant hairstyle for some special event.

The first thing to come to mind is hair extensions, fir sure you can have chignons and other means to create that desired hairstyle for a time. But I will share a secret with you: short hairstyles can also be designed in an updo and they can look formal and elegant! Yes! And such hairstyles are easy to create and no special skills are required here. So ladies if you want to surprise everybody with your fresh image, check out these short hair updos I introduce below.

victoria beckham updo for short hair updo hairstyles for short hair

Short bob haircut can be styled into a cute bun updo or twisted hairstyle, and it can be done quite easily, just take some bobby pins to fix hair, hairspray for long lasting effect. And do not run for polished looks, cause natural designs are in trend now, and leaving some strands out will make you look relaxed and natural. Besides such hairstyle can fit a casual outfit and be appropriate for formal one. Read more »

Long Hairstyles

Owners of long tresses, attention! It’s time for a makeover in you image, new hottest long hairstyles have come into trend and you must learn the tips for styling to be up to date and ready for the coming summer.

Long hairstyles are very hot and seductive, and they require much maintenance. You must be prepared to spend time and also money on hair care means and products. But the result that you will get is incomparable. Anywhere you go with your glossy and healthy long hairstyle be sure you will conquer hearts and catch eyes of everyone around.

long hairstyles with blunt cut bangs brown hair with blunt cut bang

brunette long hair with bang long hairstyles with bangs

Owners of long hair never want to cut off tresses, so if you are among them and you still want to change something in you image then I will offer the best simple solution – a bang hairstyle. Blunt bang hairstyle is in fashion now, so you can choose any of it styles to get the change in appearance. Read more »

Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ladies with gorgeous long tresses, you are blessed, you know it? Cause only with long hair you can style so many designs, from sophisticated updos to loose wavy styles. Anyways long hair has a disadvantage as well: it requires care. high maintenance. You should always take care of the tresses for them to look healthy and strong. Nowadays there are many styling means and products that do not harm hair, so go for them and get ready for a change.

wavy retro hairstyle

Still in this post we won’t not consider hair care means and ways, but I will represent formal hairstyles for long hair that will be suitable for many occasions. Hair trends 2014 involve many nice formal designs and among them I am sure you will be able the one that is meant for your event. Here below are the best hairstyles for formal occasions, take a look and get ready. Read more »

Spring 2014 Hair Trends

Spring has already come though recent frosts didn’t quite make us feel like spring. But it is here and now that we already feel the warmth of spring sun I willingly want to represent you some new hair designs. Spring 2014 hair trends are about loose natural hairstyles, that are not so complicated to design, let’s have a look together.

spring 2014 braided hairstyle spring 2014 runway braided hairstyle

spring 2014 loose braided hairstyle spring 2014 ponytail hairstyle

Many beautiful hairstyle have gone through past year and have actually been included in spring 2014 hair trends. As I have mentioned they are mostly casual that can be worn in everyday life and don’t require special styling skills. Braided hairstyles are among the most popular ones that are involved in hair trends 2014. Casual hair designs offer to go for messy side braids, or loose braided buns this year that look relaxed and cute. New trends also involve sophisticated braided styles and if you have enough technique you can try to plait one of the gorgeous braided bun updos, it will be just smashing. Read more »

Men Hairstyles 2014

New season has come and for sure it’s much brighter than the previous ones and is full of new designs and styling solutions. This is about whole fashion industry, hairstyling also included. Let’s consider men hairstyles 2014 to start with, they are daring, strong and full of new fresh breath, so here we go!

alex turner greaser hairstyle for men

Before we pass to men hairstyles, I’d like to say that this year men and women hairstyles have much in common, and first of all  is retro design that has come back now. It’s easier for women cause hair stylist offer us so many variations of new hairstyles, that it easy to choose among them, while men choice is not that wide. Let’s look through the men hair trends 2014 and see the hairstyles that appear on catwalk shows now and then and attract our attention. Read more »