Updo Hairstyles 2014: Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

Hair trends 2014 have already been announced to public, so now we more or less know what exactly will be in trends the coming seasons. The list involves greatest many of beautiful designs and hair styling solutions, so if you feel definite to make a step to a change look through the inspirational images below.

Kim Kardashian updo hairstyles

If you have long hair you can get inspired by updo hairstyles 2014 that offer us incredible new hair designs. Besides you can draw inspiration from Kim Kardashian hairstyles, she is currently considered to be a trendsetter in fashion , and she has many images that are really worth paying attention. Read more »

Hairstyles 2014: Slicked Back Hair

Catwalk and red carpet events with the fashion trends represented are the inspiration for many women around the world, we follow the trends and always want to look like the celebs on the screens. In this post you will find ideas for slicked back hair that is a perfect choice for both formal and more casual events. Slicked back hairstyles are the best choice for business ladies cause they look simple and elegant and strict and suit office outfit.

slicked back hair slicked hairstyles ideas

Hairstyles 2014 offer some gorgeous slicked back hair that will fit woman regardless of her face shape, you just medium length hair and the rest is not that difficult, look through some ideas below and find the best hairstyle for you. The best thing about slicked hairstyles is that you do not need any styling skills and means, just a styling gel and some pins, and you are ready to create the strict yet so sexy hairstyle. Read more »

Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ladies with gorgeous long tresses, you are blessed, you know it? Cause only with long hair you can style so many designs, from sophisticated updos to loose wavy styles. Anyways long hair has a disadvantage as well: it requires care. high maintenance. You should always take care of the tresses for them to look healthy and strong. Nowadays there are many styling means and products that do not harm hair, so go for them and get ready for a change.

wavy retro hairstyle

Still in this post we won’t not consider hair care means and ways, but I will represent formal hairstyles for long hair that will be suitable for many occasions. Hair trends 2014 involve many nice formal designs and among them I am sure you will be able the one that is meant for your event. Here below are the best hairstyles for formal occasions, take a look and get ready. Read more »

Spring 2014 Hair Trends

Spring has already come though recent frosts didn’t quite make us feel like spring. But it is here and now that we already feel the warmth of spring sun I willingly want to represent you some new hair designs. Spring 2014 hair trends are about loose natural hairstyles, that are not so complicated to design, let’s have a look together.

spring 2014 braided hairstyle spring 2014 runway braided hairstyle

spring 2014 loose braided hairstyle spring 2014 ponytail hairstyle

Many beautiful hairstyle have gone through past year and have actually been included in spring 2014 hair trends. As I have mentioned they are mostly casual that can be worn in everyday life and don’t require special styling skills. Braided hairstyles are among the most popular ones that are involved in hair trends 2014. Casual hair designs offer to go for messy side braids, or loose braided buns this year that look relaxed and cute. New trends also involve sophisticated braided styles and if you have enough technique you can try to plait one of the gorgeous braided bun updos, it will be just smashing. Read more »

Faux Hairstyles

Hairstyles designs are so numerous and hair stylist all the time invent newer hair solutions and women always want to try all of them. But there is a reason why we can’t have them all at once: it hair length, some hairstyles are too short and the others are too long. But wait before getting disappointed! Now hair stylists have thought of a solution: faux hairstyles. They will give a new flash, fresh breath to your style and there is no need to go for dramatic changes with your hair.

faux bob

Faux bob is the most popular faux hairstyle nowadays like it was before. Many celebrities choose it to get a new look for some special event. This easy-to-do hairstyle with vintage air around it will fit formal and casual occasion. Many girls with long hair want a bob one day, and here it is: faux bob. Tie your hair in a loose ponytail and then hide the ends under the tail and you have got the bob! Read more »

Bun Hairstyles Ideas

You are preparing for a party or formal event and are at a loss what hairstyle to choose? Let’s see what celebrities lately have represented during red carpet events. Analizing their hairstyle I found a tendency – celebrities chose mostly classy elegant hairstyles for different events. For sure some of them still go bold and never stop shocking us with their images. Lets see some classy bun hairstyles ideas that celebrities wear now.

Aishwarya Rai bun hairstyle elegant bun hairstyles

amber heard bun hairstyles updo hairstyles

Hairstylist work hard and constantly create new designs and due to them celebrities always look breathtaking. Some of their hairstyles though are quite complicated and can be designed only with the help hairdresser. So you can choose the most stunning updo hairstyle but you must know that you will have to pay well for it. Read more »

Celebrity New Party Hairstyles

The well known celebrities and beauty bunnies have always been the source of style inspiration for women all over the world. And each of us has her own beauty idol to who we turn when we seek for a change in our appearance.

Elegant Pulled-up Updo Braided Loose Updo Hairstyle

Evening updo hairstyle party half updo hairstyle

Planning a party and don’t know what to wear, what make-up and hairstyle to choose? Here below I will represent a small gallery of celebrity new party hairstyles that are easy to do and look amazing. Read more »

Evening Up-do Hairstyles

Inspire your hair with fresh breath with the evening up-do hairstyles that will perfectly complete your image for the coming party. Look through the below pictures of up-dos that will be the most important completion to your party gown and evening make-up.

Improve your styling skill, create new designs and for sure soon you will have the up-do hairstyle best fitting your character and personality. Up-do of the coming season are voluminous for any hair texture, so obtain styling tools, look through the given examples and go ahead styling.

If you seek for glamorous and sensual image, tie your hair tight and make a voluminous beehive bun. New season has brought with itself a loud comeback of retro bun up-dos, and you can also create a retro image with bobby pins, hair sponge and fixating hairspray to maintain your hairstyle for long. Read more »

Daily Up-do Hairstyles 2013

Tired of your ordinary look? Already no ideas how to style your hair to look fresh and innovative? Don’t despair! Look thorough the given below examples of daily up-do hairstyles 2013. Some plain styling tips will help you get the stunning image without applying too much effort.

You can find a formal up-do or a more casual one among the pictures I represent for you below.

It’s commonly known that among women almost all over the world the most popular styles are a simple top knot or a ballerina bun. This season loose up-dos are in trends so even if it’s not that easy for you to create a tight high up-do do not worry, the messy up-do will be full of glamour and urban breath.

There is a style suitable for any occasion: a braided up-do. This style will underline your grace and femininity. Read more »

Up-Do Hairstyles Inspired by Catwalks

Hairstyles have changed with the coming of the new season. Up-do hairstyle seems to be of high popularity, so here you can find the latest up-do hairstyles inspired by runways that are all about style and grace. You will have gorgeous appearance no matter if you are wearing a simple up-do hairstyle or a more complicated one. The up-do hairstyles inspired by catwalks that I represent below will surely be of help you to understand the trends and choose for you which one you want to have.

Stop thinking about plain boring hairstyle cause with a classy up-do hairstyle you will have stunning image and stand out of the grey crowd. The recent trends in hair-styling include enormous range of progressive ideas with additional volume. It can be any style that transmits drama to your image – a voluminous French twist, a huge bun and any other loose up-do style.

Read more »