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David Beckham Popular Hairstyles

David Beckham is may be the most popular male celebrity that has become and icon in many aspects be it haircut or style. Any of his hairstyles becomes trend for millions of his fans.  He has experimented with number of styles from medium length hair to almost shaved head so if you have decided to have brand new image, you can check out this selection of David Beckham popular hairstyles  ideas and choose the one to complete your new celebrity hairstyles.

elegant david-beckham-hairstyles david-beckham popular hairstyles


If you have decided to copy David Beckham’s buzz cut hair, you should know that such men haircuts are suitable for those with perfect scalp and oval face shape, so before going for dramatic changes you’d better consult with pro hairdresser, who will analyze your features and then choose the most suitable style for you.  Read more »

Mens Hairstyles for Fall 2014

Now that we have discussed a lot summer hairstyles, I suggest passing to autumn. Many hair stylists and fashion gurus have already represented autumn collections and now we already know 2014 fall hair trends and can talk about them. Both ladies and mens hairstyles are innumerable, a fusion of style and inner feelings. In this article I am going to introduce you mens hairstyles for fall 2014, about ladies we’ll talk later. Lets have a look what will be trendy in a couple of months.

fall 2014 mens hairstyles

Spiky hairstyles are in the mainstream. Mohawk and spikes are seen quite frequently among celebrities, thus giving you a chance to recreate the most cute of them. Read more »

Mens Hairstyles for Formal Events

Any woman knows how attractive man should look: an elegant suit, accessories, shoes and hairstyle as well. When seeing a man we imagine where we can go with him. Here are mens hairstyles for formal events. A man with such hairstyles is sure to win any woman’s heart.

johnny depp long hairstyles

Johnny Depp is a marvellous example for mens hairstyles. Always changing styles and looking for something new in accordance to his heroes in movies, but this medium curly hairstyle looks very natural and indeed elegant. Read more »

Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Past season hairstyles introduced some new things in hairstyles industry, precisely retro hairstyles. For both men and women we saw styles that were originally popular years before, but now were represented with new modern breath. And I want to say that the tendencies of the current season have not changed much, vintage atmosphere is everywhere around: in clothing, make up and hair styling. For women we have discussed it before, but for mens hairstyles I would like to introduce some designs in this article. As we have come to retro styles I should say that old good undercut hairstyles for men are in trends now, they look masculine and strong, and fashionable cause stylists fresh touch has said its word.

formal undercut hairstyle men david beckham undercut hairstyles

undercut hairstyle men men undercut hairstyle

Classy undercut hair were on the peak of popularity in 1920’s, and now in these times of fresh ideas they have returned upgraded and worthy celeb looks. Undercut hairstyle is usually crop cut or even shaved on sides and a bit longer on the crown area. Read more »

Shag Hairstyles for Men

Hair trends 2014 are very versatile, you can see numerous designs for all face shapes and hair types. And I am talking now not about women, but mens hairstyles. You can see now many new decisions to original simple hairstyles. All the styles are completed with layers and bangs, to offer more possible designs. Today I will represent shag hairstyles for men, cause they have proved to be quite popular among celebrities recently, and we happened to meet stars with such haircuts everywhere. Why shag? Because it is easy, no maintenance at all and it is suitable for different face shapes and hair texture. Let’s have a look now.

johny depp shag haircuts Kit Harington curly shag haircuts

shag hairstyles for men brad pitt shag hairstyles

Men believe that traditional buzz cut hairstyles are the best solution and longer hair will make them look less manly, but i assure you that if you happen to try shag hairstyles you will love them. Read more »

Mens Hairstyles with Bangs

Hair styling industry offers hairstyles for men and women equally, nowadays the fashion is not only for women. Men haircuts also a wide range of styling opportunities for men, so that they can choose a style for a any situation in life. while selecting an appropriate hairstyle men must take into account that hairstyle should never make them look weaker and less masculine, to avoid it try to limit the use of hair care products that may be more feminine. And another thing to pay attention to is face and its shape, precisely foreheads cause hairstyles for narrow and large foreheads are quite contrasting. Now let’s come to mens hairstyles with bangs that I want to introduce you here, they are the most trendy hairstyles for men this season.

choppy layered hairstyles for men mens haircuts

They say for women it’s easy to hide the imperfections of face cause the properly chosen hairstyle will do it all by itself. For men also I should say that bang can solve the problem of non proportional forehead, and besides will give opportunity to style hair in different ways depending on the occasion. Guys, leave out buzz cut hairstyles if your face shape is not ideally oval. Read more »

Medium Hairstyles for Men

We usually imagine men haircuts to be simple buzz cut hairstyles. But nowadays hair stylist come to offer us great versatility of hairstyles for men! That is why now we see medium hairstyles for men coming into fashion. Don’t be afraid, guys, you won’t look less manly with a bit longer hairstyle, on the contrary now you will have an opportunity to style hair in different ways for each new occasion. It can be styled sleek for formal event, and turned tousled in the next second for a romantic after party. Check out some examples here!

medium haircuts for men popular men hairstyles

midi sleek hairstyle for men medium hairstyles for men

Beyond any doubts, medium length hairstyles first of all became popular among celebrities, and only after that came into people. And now we see guys with midi haircuts and I confess they look quite sexy. The most popular midi haircuts for men are all here in this post, so don’t go way and just roll down to see some more from the new trends in hair fashion. Read more »

Men Hairstyles 2014

New season has come and for sure it’s much brighter than the previous ones and is full of new designs and styling solutions. This is about whole fashion industry, hairstyling also included. Let’s consider men hairstyles 2014 to start with, they are daring, strong and full of new fresh breath, so here we go!

alex turner greaser hairstyle for men

Before we pass to men hairstyles, I’d like to say that this year men and women hairstyles have much in common, and first of all  is retro design that has come back now. It’s easier for women cause hair stylist offer us so many variations of new hairstyles, that it easy to choose among them, while men choice is not that wide. Let’s look through the men hair trends 2014 and see the hairstyles that appear on catwalk shows now and then and attract our attention. Read more »

Men’s Haircuts 2014

Hairstyles designs this year are even more daring than the ones proposed by previous season. hair stylists and masters have set the 2014 hair trends and created best designs to accentuate you character and personality. Th new variations of previous styles are so many both for women and men that you wont need much time going through hairstyles galleries to find the trendiest style for you. we almost always talk about women hairstyles leaving out men. While men haircuts can also be different and stylish. Here below I put together some of best men’s haircuts 2014, check it out.

cool mens haircuts mens hairstyles

The modern men hairstyle trends advice to keep hair a bit longer than usually. This will help you to have various styling ways. Simple buzz cut hairstyle that looks very manly but has no styling variations is actually out of fashion nowadays. Keeping the crown part a bit longer will let it style hair sleek or tousled, pulled to the side or back. Read more »

Hairstyles Ideas by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is the pop icon, the beloved celebrity by girls and boys and grown ups, the sex symbol of our time.Fans from all over the world imitate him and copy his charismatic image.His stands out  with his unique style yet his style is not hard to recreate. Check out hairstyle ideas by Justin Timberlake I collected for you below and choose the one fitting your own style.


Justin Timberlake never avoids changes as many celebrities do and always seeks for something new. Now you can see him wearing a shaved head style but it was not too long before that he appeared with a curly haircut.  Anyways, any image he creates is charismatic and sexy, and you can pick out any you desire.

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