Long Hairstyles

Gorgeous Hairstyles 2014 Winter

Every season has its beauty and winter is not an exception. In order to make it more beautiful and pleasant you should be ready for cold weather by wearing warm clothes taking care of your skin and why not wearing proper hairstyle.

When talking about winter hairstyle first thing to be mentioned is that cold weather and harsh climate are very dangerous for your hair. You should protect it by wearing a hat or at least taking care of tresses with hot oils and moisturizing masks. Trimming will help you to get rid of split ends. Because of low temperature your hair may become frizzy and dry so it is utterly important to hair proper hair care routine. You can also go for instant makeover by adding few soft layers to your haircut. Layering will not only add volume and movement to your hair, nut will also make the styling process much easier.

gorgeous wavy hairstyles 2014 winter gorgeous blonde hairstyles 2014 winter

When it comes to stylish winter hairstyles I can mention great variety of haircuts and hairstyles that will be suitable for cold weather but let’s check out most popular styles that are easy-to-do and suitable for anyone. Here is a brief gallery of stylish winter 2014 hairstyles so take a sneak peek at these pictures and choose the best one for you. Read more »

2014 Cute Hairstyles for Long Face Shape

The main option of stylish haircut is that it highlights your best features and at the same time hide your little faults like large forehead, round cheeks or square chin. Everyone has different features and thanks to zillion hairstyles and hair cutting techniques you will easily find perfect hairstyle for you.

Long wavy hairstyles for long faces 2014 Half updo hairstyles for long faces 2014

If you have long face shape you  should wear hairstyle that adds width to your cheeks. Such trick makes your face look proportionate. There are many hairstyles and options that will help you to create desired look but one thing to keep in mind is that you should stay away from wearing super long blunt hairstyle. Short crop cut hairstyle won’t be an option either. The best choice will be medium length hairstyle like long bob or layered midi. If you still cannot choose proper hairstyle for you, take a peek at these examples of cute hairstyles for long face shape and choose the best one to complete your image.  Read more »

Mary Kate Olsen Hairstyles Ideas 2014

Mary Kate Olsen like her sister never stops surprise us with her image and that’s why women all over the world copy her style. If you also want to look like beauty bunny Mary Kate Olsen, check out her most popular celebrity hairstyles and pick the hottest one for your beautiful makeover.

Mary Kate Olsen messy blonde hairstyles 2014 Mary Kate Olsen half updo hairstyles 2014

Unlike Ashley, Mary Kate Olsen often wears long blunt cut or layered hair. She wears blonde hair color but sometimes you can see her with dark blonde or brown hair. In both cases she looks fantastic because she has healthy and strong hair.  Read more »

Rachel McAdams Classy Hairstyles 2014

Popular actress Rachel McAdams always looks so cute and elegant and no matter she wears loose or pulled up hairstyle, she looks equally stunning. She is one of the celebrities who likes to experiment with different images: one day you cans see her wearing long fairy blonde hair and the next day she can appear with short dark brown hairstyle. Actually, both dark and light shades are perfectly suitable for her porcelain skin tone.

Rachel McAdams short bob hairstyles 2014 Rachel McAdams blonde wavy hairstyles 2014

The most beloved hairstyle 2014 of Rachel McAdams is loose long hair with vintage waves. This style can be easily created on any hair texture. The only thing you will need is large barrel curling iron that will help you to create well defined curls. Then run your fingers through your hair to separate them and finish the style with hairspray. Such glamorous celebrity hairstyles will be suitable for any formal occasion. Read more »

Beautiful Hairstyles 2014 by Dakota Fanning

Beautiful girl Dakota Fanning is now a young lady that has already become a perfect inspiration for millions of teens. Her unique beauty and charisma makes her the most popular and beloved young actress. However, today we will not talk about her talents. As a source of inspiration, young girls copy Dakota’s teen hairstyles 2014 so why not take a look at some of them and choose the best from her celebrity hairstyles for your beautiful makeover.

Dakota Fanning center parted hairstyles 2014 Dakota Fanning long straight hairstyles 2014

Before talking about beautiful hairstyles by Dakota Fanning it should be said that any hairstyle will look perfect if you have healthy hair. You should include homemade masks and conditioners to your hair care routine. At last, do not forget to trim hair regularly in order to stay away from split ends.  Read more »

Mila Kunis Glamorous Hairstyles 2014

Mila Kunis is considered one is the sexiest celebrities of our times and as a real beauty icon she has become an inspiration for zillion of women all over the world. On can talk about her beauty for hours but let’s talk about her hairstyle and get some inspiration from her most popular celebrity hairstyles to have red carpet worth look.

Mila Kunis long layered hairstyles 2014 Mila Kunis side swept hairstyles 2014

Mila Kunis wears long dark hair that beautifully highlights her features and complexion. When it comes to hairstyles, Mila likes to experiment with elegant and glamorous styles like loose hair with romantic waves or classy up-do style. Any of her hairstyles can be a great alternative for formal occasion, so if you are looking for classy hairstyle, take a sneak peek at Mila Kunis glamorous hairstyles 2014 pictures and practice your skills to recreate one of them. Read more »

Jessica Szohr Long Hairstyles 2014

Jessica Szohr is perfect inspiration for ladies who are tired of boring images and are looking for something new and fresh. If you have long hair you will not have to kiss goodbye to an inch of it in order to have brand new look. All you have to do is to learn few simple styling secrets that will help you to have stunning look on any occasion. Check out the following 2014 long hairstyles ideas by Jessica Szohr and inspire yourself for next hot celebrity hairstyles.

Jessica Szor fishtail hairstyles 2014 Jessica Szor long messy hairstyles 2014

The greatest thing about Jessica’s hairstyles is natural style without any sophisticated twists. In fact, such hairstyle is the best one that will  bring out your natural beauty and sensuality. There is no need to go overboard with styling products in order to create attractive look. Just make the  most of your hair with tiny amount of shine serum.  Read more »

Audrina Patridge Long Hairstyles 2014

Celebrities are the main source of inspiration for women and most of them turn to celebrities to stay in touch with the latest hairstyles trends. Audrina Patridge is one of the celebs that inspires millions of women with her elegant and glamorous image. She wears sexy long hair and sometimes changes hair color from dark brown to lighter shades. If you also have long hair, you can learn few simple tricks that will help you to transform your casual looks into celebrity hairstyles. All you need is to check out Audrina Patridge long hairstyles 2014 and practice your skills to create similar look.

Audrina Patridge hairstyles with bangs 2014 Audrina Patridge elegant hairstyles 2014

If you long for some changes, you can add cute blunt bang to your long hair that will boost your sexuality in a flash. Furthermore, stylish bang will frame your face highlighting your best features and at the same time hiding your little faults. Once you copy Audrina Patridge long hairstyle with a bang, you can style it in infinite ways from super sleek loose style to more sophisticated updo hairstyles.   Read more »

Selma Blair Cute Hairstyles for Fall 2014

Talented actress Selma Blair looks cute with any of her celebrity hairstyles be it simple loose hair or more glamorous updo hairstyle. The secret of her attractiveness is that she always looks natural and feminine and never goes overboard with makeup or hairstyle. Indeed, naturalness is the buzzword of this season and natural style is more appreciated than any sophisticated one.

Selma Blair short bob hairstyles Selma Blair long wavy hairstyles

Selma Blair is more often seen with cute midi haircut that beautifully emphasizes her facial features. Midi haircut is perfect option for ladies how have no time to maintain long hair so if you liked the idea of having gorgeous look without any effort get some inspiration from Selma Blair cute hairstyles for fall 2014 and choose the hottest style for your next beauty session. Read more »

Liv Tyler Sexy Long Hairstyles for Fall 2014

Vintage and retro style of Liv Tyler is a perfect source of inspiration for ladies who want to stay in the limelight. If you also want to stand out in a crowd with your unique beauty and style, check out Liv Tyler sexy long hairstyles ideas for fall 2014 and practice your skills to create similar look with her celebrity hairstyles.

Liv Tyler half updo long hairstyles Liv Tyler elegant hairstyles

Liv Tyler wears super long sexy hair with or without layers. Long hairstyle makes her feminine features even more attractive. Indeed, long hairstyle is the best one that will bring out your natural beauty and sensuality. If you have shorter hair and still want to copy her hairstyle, you can either be patient and wait until your hair grows out or turn to hair extensions and enjoy all the benefits of your long hair. Read more »