Layered Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles Featuring Celebrities

The freshest ideas for new hairstyles are seen on catwalks and red carpet events. Celebrities are the ones introducing us all new things. Find in this post the selection of celebrity short hairstyles that will make you thing of going shorter and changing your image totally. Keep in mind that before choosing short haircut you have ton consider your face shape and facial features not to choose the wrong haircuts. Think about soft and asymmetrical layers, depending on the image you want to achieve.

Celebrity short hairstyles short hairstyles with long side bang

choppy layered short hairstyles short curly hairstyles

Pixie and crew cut hairstyles are too bold and you are not ready yet? Then go for classy bob haircuts. They are never out of fashion. modern tricks each year make bob look brand new and stylish. The good thing is that bob haircuts carefully chosen fit any face shape, just consider longer bangs and choppy layered short hairstyles. Read more »

Mens Hairstyles with Bangs

Hair styling industry offers hairstyles for men and women equally, nowadays the fashion is not only for women. Men haircuts also a wide range of styling opportunities for men, so that they can choose a style for a any situation in life. while selecting an appropriate hairstyle men must take into account that hairstyle should never make them look weaker and less masculine, to avoid it try to limit the use of hair care products that may be more feminine. And another thing to pay attention to is face and its shape, precisely foreheads cause hairstyles for narrow and large foreheads are quite contrasting. Now let’s come to mens hairstyles with bangs that I want to introduce you here, they are the most trendy hairstyles for men this season.

choppy layered hairstyles for men mens haircuts

They say for women it’s easy to hide the imperfections of face cause the properly chosen hairstyle will do it all by itself. For men also I should say that bang can solve the problem of non proportional forehead, and besides will give opportunity to style hair in different ways depending on the occasion. Guys, leave out buzz cut hairstyles if your face shape is not ideally oval. Read more »

Layered Bob

Bob hairstyles are classy styles that have reached us passing through decades and never losing popularity. Stylist updated classy bob with modern twists and today let’s have a look at layered bob.

bob hairstyles with layeres bob hairstyles with bangs


Layered bob hairstyles are in the mainstream this year and by wearing such hairstyles be sure to be a trendsetter among others. You can just add layers to your hairstyle and have fresh looks and you can gor further and fire up your image with new color as well. Read more »

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hairstyles are the preference of women of all ages because they always make a woman more feminine and sexy. And even though long hair is not easy to deal with at all, it is still the hair trend 2014 to have long gorgeous hairstyle. New season styles are updated with some modern touches, so let’s go through this post to see hairstyles for long hair that will be in the mainstream.

long side ponytails long natural hairstyles

hairstyles for long hair loose waves hairstyles

Among the advantages of long hairstyles, in first place it is worth to mention its functionality. Indeed with long hair you can try any hairstyle you like, for casual life, for special events, loose styles, and extravagant updos. And hair stylist never stop inventing something new, so always be in touch with the news, and try the new hairstyles as soon as they appear. But remember that the right hairstyle should fit your facial features and your character and lifestyle as well. Read more »

Short Hairstyles for Older Women

All women despite their age and nationality always pay attention to their appearance: a bit of makeup, nice clothes and for sure appropriate hairstyle. For mature women hairstyle should be chosen carefully to accentuate their best features. And here ladies should know some rules not to ruin their image.

Below are some examples of short hairstyles for older women, so if you are looking for a suitable hairstyle in accordance to your age, face shape and features, and hair texture, then run through this post to have some nice ideas.

pixie for mature women layered hairstyle for women over 40

Short hairstyles became very popular during last seasons, and current season is no exclusion. Many women prefer short hairstyles, cause they don’t need maintenance, are easy to deal with and look stylish and feminine. Read more »

Long Layered Hairstyles

It’s high time for us to speak about the hottest long layered hairstyles. Below is a selection of layered hairstyles that will make you look all different and new, so it’s time to kiss goodbye long blunt haircut and go for brand new layers. Face shape is very important when it comes to layering so make sure to choose right layering style for you. Short layers on front part is a taboo for round or square face shape, better have chin length layers will make face oval by concealing wide cheeks.

Layering is a perfect decision for women who don’t want to change hair length and lose the long gorgeous tresses, on the other hand it will make you get rid of dull and split ends and will inspire new fresh breath to your gorgeous image.

long layered hairstyles brunette long hair

Update your look with a modern twist – asymmetric haircut. Asymmetric choppy layers on the crown part will inspire volume to your tresses and give you a chance to experiment with zillion styling options. You can even have some few highlighted strands that will accentuate the layers even more. Read more »

Medium Layered Hairstyles

Want to change your image but not hair length? Then layering is what you need. Add layers to your medium haircut and you will see that this is he thing you want. Below I will show you some examples of medium layered hairstyles for you to look through and start to experiment with new trendy hairstyles.

glamorous medium layered hairstyles medium layered hairstyle ideas 2014

bob haircuts bang midi layered hairstyle

Layering is considered to be the best way to accentuate facial features and make a change simply, you will design the image you desire without too much efforts. Layers will add life and volume to your beloved hairstyle. Layering can be different. If you want feminine look, rather elegant, then tapered layers are meant for you. Read more »

Medium Hairstyles for Thin hair

Each woman knows that the secret of her perfect look is the right chosen hairstyle that fits her hair type. In this post let’s discuss medium hairstyles for thin hair. Yes, I said medium, so if you have long tresses get ready to chop them off, caues for thin hair length means a lot. You must choose a haircut that will add volume to your tresses and with long thin hair I can say its impossible, so we are going for a trendy medium haircut now!

Medium hairstyle will arm you various styling ideas so you will be able to experiment with your image all the time.

perfect bob hairstyle for thin hair wavy bob hairstyles

bob hairstyle trends 2014 medium hairstylesiIdeas for thin hair

The easiest and best way to add volume to thin hair is layering. Soft graduated layers will add life and movement to a classy bob, if you are wearing such. Layered bob can be styles wavy for a romantic image and also you can style it sleek that will look elegant and sexy, and will be suitable for a formal occasion. Read more »

Bob Haircuts 2014

2014 hair trends offer the greatest variety of hairstyles, hair colors, new hair designs, it’s all so amazing. So if you feel bored with you current look and feel ready to upgrade it for the coming seasons, check out some new designs spiced with hottest hair styling tricks. Look through bob haircuts 2014 I represent below to get inspired by the best designs.

A line bob hairstyles

Classy bob haircut has never lost its popularity since 20s. Indeed retro bob haircut has gone through some drastic changes, but bob hairstyle never loses its position and i am more than sure that this year bob hairstyles will be the trend again. Read more »

Short Hairstyles 2014

The hottest haircut of the coming season is waiting for you if you are the beauty bunny and fashionista. To get you inspired I created this list of short hairstyles 2014 that will be in trends during the spring summer seasons.

short hairstyles classical pixie

Chopping off long tresses tom opt a modern short haircut is a dreadful and risky step for the majority of women. Yet we already know that short haircuts are very sexy and make you look even more feminine than longer hairstyles in some cases. But only self confident and independent women can make such a drastic change in appearance. But don’t panic in advance. There a re many new medium short hairstyles that are highly trendy and still not that dramatic. Read more »