Hairstyles with Bangs

2014 Cute Hairstyles for Long Face Shape

The main option of stylish haircut is that it highlights your best features and at the same time hide your little faults like large forehead, round cheeks or square chin. Everyone has different features and thanks to zillion hairstyles and hair cutting techniques you will easily find perfect hairstyle for you.

Long wavy hairstyles for long faces 2014 Half updo hairstyles for long faces 2014

If you have long face shape you  should wear hairstyle that adds width to your cheeks. Such trick makes your face look proportionate. There are many hairstyles and options that will help you to create desired look but one thing to keep in mind is that you should stay away from wearing super long blunt hairstyle. Short crop cut hairstyle won’t be an option either. The best choice will be medium length hairstyle like long bob or layered midi. If you still cannot choose proper hairstyle for you, take a peek at these examples of cute hairstyles for long face shape and choose the best one to complete your image.  Read more »

Jessica Szohr Long Hairstyles 2014

Jessica Szohr is perfect inspiration for ladies who are tired of boring images and are looking for something new and fresh. If you have long hair you will not have to kiss goodbye to an inch of it in order to have brand new look. All you have to do is to learn few simple styling secrets that will help you to have stunning look on any occasion. Check out the following 2014 long hairstyles ideas by Jessica Szohr and inspire yourself for next hot celebrity hairstyles.

Jessica Szor fishtail hairstyles 2014 Jessica Szor long messy hairstyles 2014

The greatest thing about Jessica’s hairstyles is natural style without any sophisticated twists. In fact, such hairstyle is the best one that will  bring out your natural beauty and sensuality. There is no need to go overboard with styling products in order to create attractive look. Just make the  most of your hair with tiny amount of shine serum.  Read more »

2014 Fall Hairstyles Tendencies

With the coming of autumn we usually become stressed and lose interest to some things. In summer we take care of our body, and clothing, and hairstyles to have cute looks, but in autumn we sit and wait for dull winter. This what happens usually, and what I suggest is to forget about low spirits and change appearance to have modern looks for autumn. 2014 fall hairstyles tendencies will give you an overview of the current trends in fashion world and you will see that being trendy means being in high spirits. The trendy hairstyles of the season will come up with braided updos, wet hairstyles, bouffant hairstyles and simple wavy hair.

2014 Fall braided updo hairstyles

2014 Fall braided updo hairstyles

Braids hairstyles are now quite complicated and these braided updos you see will require time and effort to create. But it is really worthy, right? Read more »

Cute Bangs Hairstyles 2014

If you are tired of your casual hairstyle but still shy away from dramatic changes, you can opt for stylish bang that will glam up your look in a flash. Recently hairstyles with bangs have become very popular among teens and not only. Indeed stylish bang will not only breathe life to your tresses but will also have face framing effect. This is great for those who want to hide large forehead or make face look slimmer.

bangs-with-beautiful-hairstyles 2014 bangs-with-long-haircuts-2014

There are different styles of bangs for any haircut and face shape so you will easily find the one to complete your image. The following selection of cute bangs hairstyles 2014 will show you the latest trends of fringes so check them out and pick the one for your haircut. Read more »

Unbelievable Crazy Hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 have already shown us greatest variety of hairstyles starting from classy elegant images and ending with punk hairstyles. Through many articles I have introduced different hairstyles and we have discussed hair types, face shapes. Today I’d like to represent crazy hairstyles 2014, the hairstyles that look like from future, the hairstyles that are extra daring, t,he hairstyles that show much character. Very few of us ladies can dare to have such extravagant hairstyles, yet they are worth mentioning. Crazy hairstyles make you spread the limits and be different. Mind that hair length and type do not mean much, crazy haircuts are suitable for any hair. So are you ready? Let’s have a look!

asymmetrical haircut half shaved crazy hairstyles

One of the crazy hairstyles is asymmetrical haircut. It can be designed on long hair with various asymmetric layers, and on short hair where you can leave one side longer while making the other rather short. Read more »

Mens Hairstyles for Fall 2014

Now that we have discussed a lot summer hairstyles, I suggest passing to autumn. Many hair stylists and fashion gurus have already represented autumn collections and now we already know 2014 fall hair trends and can talk about them. Both ladies and mens hairstyles are innumerable, a fusion of style and inner feelings. In this article I am going to introduce you mens hairstyles for fall 2014, about ladies we’ll talk later. Lets have a look what will be trendy in a couple of months.

fall 2014 mens hairstyles

Spiky hairstyles are in the mainstream. Mohawk and spikes are seen quite frequently among celebrities, thus giving you a chance to recreate the most cute of them. Read more »

Bob Hairstyles 2014

Ladies, if you happen to be in a search of new image, nothing can be better than old good bob haircut! But modern variations for sure. Nowadays many retro styles come back to fashion, but the thing is that bob hairstyles have never left it. All the time hair stylists offer us new designs of bob, completed with layers and bangs, and different colors and highlights, Actually bob  will never go out of fashion, so if already have it, upgrade your looks, if you don’t have, run for it, cause bob hairstyles 2014 are very sexy and hot. Look yourself!

wavy bob hairstyles shag bob haircut

blunt cut bob bob hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 introduced us shaggy bob hairstyles, that is to say choppy layered bob, that is frequently followed by a blunt cut bang. These two tricks perfectly go together and you will get convinced yourself by looking through the selection of bob haircuts I have collected for you. Read more »

Bang Hairstyles

Women are always looking for some change, we want new dresses and shoes, new bags and accessories and why not new hairstyles. Actually not all the women will easily say goodbye to long tresses they have been wearing for years, and not all will wait for months to grow short hair to longer. So what to do in this case? Is it so hopeless? And should we sit and wait for a change to come on its own? No, dears, there is a solution. New hairstyles techniques offer us bang hairstyles, and this means that without waiting and loosing hair length you can totally upgrade your image and inspire yourself with brand new looks.

side bangs hairstyles platinum blonde bangs hairstyle

blunt cut bang hairstyles layered bob with side bang

Bangs can be of different styles, so when choosing it take into account some factors, first is face shape and then hair texture. Mind that stylish bangs have awesome ability to conceal imperfections like round face, and stress your beneficial sides. Read more »

Long Hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 bring forward hairstyles that are simple and natural. Hairstyles for long hair are updated with modern twists like layering and highlights and come forward very trendy and sexy. Long hair give you the widest range of styling opportunities, so don’t get lost and start just now. try layering, cause soft and choppy layers will inspire your image with a new touch that you are expecting. Ladies, here are long hairstyles 2014, hope that you will like the examples I collected for you.

long hairstyles 2014 curly hairstyles for long hair

long layered hairstyles long straight hairstyles

To obtain dramatic image you can try blunt cut long hairstyle and complete it with blunt cut bang, such hairstyle will make you look edgy and sexy. But remember that blunt cut hairstyles require much attention and time for styling. Actually any style of bangs will suit long tresses, you can choose massive voluminous bang, or baby bang, blunt cut or choppy side swept bangRead more »

Round Face Hairstyles

Round face shape is kind of peculiar, and its owner for sure know that there are some specific hairstyles that don’t suit them at all. Still, many celebrities represent us hairstyles for round faces that are just awesome. Forget about wrong hairstyles that underline cheeks, and add volume to you face shape, and go for a brand new round face hairstyles introduced by well known stars.

selena gomez hairstyles for round faces round face hairstyles

bang hairstyles for round faces celebrity hairstyles for round faces

Medium layered hairstyles are perhaps the best option for women with round face shape. Choppy layers spread from the crown part and all over the length of hair will hide the width of cheeks and accentuate your best features instead. Read more »