Hairstyles 2014

Paris Hilton Glamorous Hairstyles

Paris Hilton is the most popular celebrity on the red carpet and every time she makes a real boom with her brand new image. She has experimented with great number of hairstyles and haircuts and I am sure you will easily find the most suitable one for your personality. If you are in need of some inspiration, check out these examples of  Paris Hilton Glamorous hairstyles ideas and pick the one for beautiful makeover.

paris-hilton-cute-hairstyles paris-hilton-short-celebrity-hairstyles

Paris Hilton has worn both super long and midi haircuts and any of her chosen styles became a trend. In order to copy her image you should first color hair blonde. For perfect result you should turn to pro hair colorist who will grant you with smashing blonde hair color without damaging your tresses. Read more »

Elegant Medium Hairstyles 2014

Midi haircut is perfect in-between solution for those who want to have elegant hairstyle of low maintenance. For casual occasions you can wear simple medium hairstyle or simple up-do that can be created in five minutes. While for formal occasions you should wear the one that will be perfectly suitable for your evening gown.

blonde medium hairstyles 2014 curly medium hairstyles 2014


Thanks to modern hair styling techniques as well as styling tools and products you will be able to create any desired style. The most important thing you should do is to find the best one that will boost your sexuality and natural beauty. If you are in need of some inspiration check out the following examples of elegant medium hairstyles 2014 and pick the best one for coming party. Read more »

Easy Formal Hairstyles 2014

The ability of styling hair is a great thing because it is not so wise to turn to hair stylist every time you want to look good. Even if you are rookie in the art of hair styling, you can learn few simple tricks that will help you to deal with messy hair. Furthermore, once you learn basic rules, you will be able to create smashing hairstyle for any formal event.

cute-formal-hairstyles 2014 easy formal updo hairstyles 2014

As we are talking about formal hairstyles, let’s consider those that are easy-to-do and can be created even without having special skills.  These examples of easy formal hairstyles 2014 will inspire you for beautiful makeover. Read more »

2014 Curly Hairstyles Ideas

Prep your locks for new season by wearing one of these smashing curly hairstyles. This year too curly hairstyle is very popular and stylish and it seems that curly hairstyle will never go out of the fashion. This year all the styles look very natural and simple without any sophisticated twists. Indeed, elegant hairstyle is the one that will bring out your natural beauty in the best way and there is no need to overload your hair with styling products or various hair accessories.

cute medium length curly hair formal-hairstyles-for-curly-hairs 2014

Natural curly hair is not a rear thing and millions of women own gorgeous curls and ways. Still if you have poker straight hair, you shouldn’t loose your heart. Thanks to modern hairstyling tools and products you can adopt any desired style. If you are ready for next beauty session, do not waste your time and take a peek at this selection of 2014 curly hairstyles ideas. Read more »

Cute Formal Hairstyles 2014

Formal outfit demands evening makeup and of course formal hairstyle that will be in perfect harmony with your dress. There are zillion formal hairstyles and styling ideas that will help you to create stunning look. You may first get confused when choosing from great variety of available styles, so I have chosen the most popular formal hairstyles of 2014 that will help you to find the one for coming party.

stylish Formal-Hairstyles-2014 Simple-Formal-Hairstyles for 2014

Formal hairstyle can be very complicated but such style can be created only by pro hairdresser. If you want to save your money you can learn few simple tricks that will help you to create smashing look for your own. Take a look at these cute formal hairstyles ideas for 2014 and get ready for beautiful makeover. Read more »

2014 Party Hairstyles for Long Hair

It is party time and it is time to glam up your look with one of these glamorous long hairstyles. Those who are blessed with long thick hair,  can experiment with zillion formal hairstyles that are easy-to-do yet so sexy and stylish.  If you have shorter hair, you should’nt loose your heart, you can copy any of theses styles with the help of hair extensions.

Formal-Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair Layered-Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair-2014

Party hairstyle should be glamorous, sexy and funky so break out of your boring shell and become the queen of the party with your smashing long hairstyle. If you are in need of some inspiration, take a peek at these examples of 2014 party hairstyles for long hair and choose the one for coming party. Read more »

2014 Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas

It seems to me that bob haircut will never go out of fashion. Every year it is upgraded with new modern twists and again becomes A haircut for millions of women. Indeed bob haircut has many advantages and this is the reason of its popularity. The greatest advantage of this style is that it can vamp up your look in a flash. There isn’t any hairstyle that will look as sexy as foxy bob.

bob-cut-with-bangs-2014 straight-hair-with-highlights


If you have made up your mind to go for changes, I advise you to wear layered bob haircut. Do not be afraid of chopping off your hair. Lifeless and dull long tresses will only ruin your image, instead opt for trendy bob haircut that will help you to break out of your boring shell. If you still doubt, check out these examples of 2014 layered bob hairstyles and pick the one for your makeover. Read more »

2014 Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

The greatest option of haircut is to make you look attractive and stylish and that’s why women spend so much time and money on hair styling. Most women think that hairstyle should be trendy and stylish and forget about the fact that first of all hairstyle should be suitable for face shape. In fact, this is the fist criterion of having elegant and sexy look. As there are different women with different features, I want to devote this post to women with round face shape.

Short-Hairstyles-for-Round-Faces-2014 stylish-layered-hairstyle

It is very easy to distinguish whether you have round face shape or not. If you have round face shape, your main goal should be to hide the width of the cheeks and make your face look oval. Thanks to great variety of haircut and styling options you can easily create slimmer face without opting for diets. Long hairstyle is may be the best one that will create desired look but let’s consider shorter hairstyles suitable for round face shape. Here are some ideas of 2014 hairstyles for round face shape. Read more »

Elegant Short Hairstyles 2014

Ladies with long hair have not once practiced bad hair days. Indeed, long hair needs special care and attention that’s why such hairstyle will be suitable for those who are ready to devote much time on hair. On the other hand, busy women who simply do not have time to style hair and sometimes even cannot manage to have proper makeup, should forget about long hairstyle and opt for shorter haircuts.

Short-Hairstyles-2014 short-haircut-2014-women

Elegant short haircuts are very popular nowadays and millions of women opt for short style. Furthermore, short haircut will highlight your strong individuality in the best way. The versatility of short haircuts is simply amazing and include zillion styles for any taste and personality so if you have made up your mind to go shorter, you can get some inspiration from this selection of elegant short hairstyles 2014. Read more »

2014 Fashionable Hairstyles

Latest hairstyles trends have already proved that naturalness is still the most important detail in all hairstyles. No matter you choose short or long hair you should try to look natural and feminine. There is no need to wear sophisticated up-do or overload your hair with styling tools to have attractive look. Find the style that will bring out your natural beauty and sensuality.

popular-bob-hairstyle-with-bangs New-hairstyles-for-2014

2014 fashionable hairstyles include mostly long and medium length hair that look more elegant and feminine so if you have shorter hair you can grow it out and become one of the owners of gorgeous long hair. If you want to become trendsetter among your friends, check out these ideas of 2014 fashionable hairstyles and prep your locks for coming season. Read more »