Hairstyles 2014

January Jones Cute Hairstyles 2014

Fairy blonde January Jones inspires millions of women with her elegant and cute hairstyles and now you will have a chance to find out some secrets on how to recreate January Jones cute hairstyles 2014. Her caramel blonde hair looks stunning when styled both loose or in a lovely up-do hairstyle. Her image can be copied on any hair texture, you just need to have at least medium length hair and you can easily recreate her celebrity hairstyles.

january-jones-easy-hairstyles january-jones-medium-hairstyles


January Jones often appears wearing long bob haircut that beautifully frames her face and accentuates her facial features. Long bob looks simply fantastic when styled loose wavy or curly. Such style will be suitable for any occasion be it simple business meeting or formal event.  Read more »

Halle Berry Glam Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Cute and sweetheart Halle Berry looks great with any haircut and that’s why she never stops experimenting with different images. You can hardly find any stylish haircut that she hasn’t worn. She wore super long curly hair and then chose bolder short haircut that looked simply fantastic. If you are tired of your casual haircut, you can get some inspiration from Halle Berry and pick one of her celebrity hairstyles for beautiful makeover.

halle-berry wavy bob hairstyles for summer 2014 halle-berry short hairstyles for summer 2014


Great variety of Halle Berry’s glamorous hairstyles for summer 2014  will give you a chance to recreate any of her images without going for dramatic changes. The greatest thing about celebrity hairstyles is perfect condition of tresses so never neglect the usage of proper hair care formulas.  Read more »

Ashley Tisdale Teen Hairstyles 2014

Fans of Ashley Tisdale have already copied all her styles and they all have become beauty trendsetters. You can also become one of trendsetters if you check out Ashley Tisdale most popular hairstyles for teens and pick the one of the celebrity hairstyles for your beautiful makeover .

ashley-tisdale long teen hairstyles 2014 ashley-tisdale side ponytail teen hairstyles 2014


In order to copy Ashley Tisdale hairstyle you should have at least shoulder length hair but if you have shorter hair you can opt for hair extensions and then go on with copying Ashley’s hairstyle. Read more »

2014 Medium Layered Hairstyles

Nowadays there are zillion hairstyles as well as hair cutting techniques that will satisfy any taste and preference. Layering is still the most popular and important detail that will never go out of the fashion. Indeed, layering can beautifully transform bulky texture or thin locks and that’s why millions of women choose layered hairstyle.

jessica alba layered medium hairstyles layered-haircuts-for-medium hair

There are infinite styles of layers that will be suitable for any hair length and texture. You can add layers to both short and super long hair but the best choice is medium layered hairstyles 2014 that will arm you up with numerous styling options. In this case too, you will be offered great variety of medium hairstyles that will bring out your natural beauty and femininity. If you have already decided to go for a new haircut, take a sneak peek at this selection of 2014 medium layered hairstyles and choose the most flattering style for you. Read more »

Kate Hudson Beautiful Long Hairstyles 2014

The owners of long hair more often practice bad hair days not knowing what to do with the messy hair. If you also face such problems you can learn some useful tips from celebs who always look so neat and elegant. At this time you will have chance to get some inspiration from Kate Hudson beautiful long hairstyles 2014.

kate-hudson wavy hairstyles 2014 kate-hudson natural blonde hairstyles 2014

Kate Hudson always keeps her hair in perfect condition and she always looks neat and elegant. In order to recreate Kate Hudson’s hairstyle you should first of all take care of your tresses by moisturizing and trimming regularly . If you have shorter hair, there is no need to wait for months to grow out hair, you can simply opt for hair extensions and then copy one of Kate Hudson’s beautiful long celebrity hairstyles. Read more »

Natalie Portman Elegant Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Elegant and classy image of Natalie Portman can be a perfect inspiration for any artist. Her unique beauty and features gives her an opportunity to wear any image she wishes. The versatility of her celebrity hairstyles and haircuts will give you a chance to copy any of her images without changing hair length.

natalie-portman medium hairstyles for summer 2014 natalie-portman elegant hairstyles for summer 2014

Natalie Portman’s elegant hairstyles for summer 2014 will be suitable for any face shape and hair texture so if you have at least medium length hair, check out the most popular hairstyles of Natalie Portman and practice your styling skills to recreate one of her images. Read more »

Reese Witherspoon Blonde Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Reese Witherspoon is may be the most popular fairy blonde who inspires millions of women to go blonde. Indeed, blonde hair color is the best one that will transform your casual look and help you to become a real beauty bunny like Reese Witherspoon. If you still doubt whether it is worth to copy her celebrity hairstyles or not, you can check out Reese Witherspoon blonde hairstyles ideas and inspire yourself for beautiful makeover.

reese witherspoon stylish hairstyles for summer 2014 reese witherspoon vintage hairstyles for summer 2014

Reese Witherspoon has experimented with both medium and long hairstyles but she never changed her hair color. Her beautiful blonde hair makes her complexion and features even more feminine and attractive. No matter she wears simple loose hair or complicated up-do hairstyle she looks equally stunning.  Read more »

Beyonce Sexy Long Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Beyonce is considered sex symbol of our times and she can be a perfect inspiration for any woman. Her natural beauty is completed with smashing hairstyle so if you have decided to go for changes, you should definitely get some inspiration from Beyonce. This selection of Beyonce sexy long hairstyles ideas will show you the latest and most popular styles that are worth to be copied.

beyonce hairstyles for summer 2014 beyonce layered hairstyles for summer 2014

Beyonce wears super long tresses so if you have shorter hair you can easily go for hair extensions and then copy Beyonce’s image. Next important condition to keep in mind is that you should have healthy and thick hair. Proper hair care routine is the first step to have healthy and glossy hair. Read more »

2014 Teen Hairstyles by Vanessa Hudgens

If you are a fan of Vanessa Hudgens and you still haven’t copied her hairstyle, do not waste your time and take a sneak peek at the most popular 2014 teen hairstyles by Vanessa Hudgens and choose the most beloved one to complete your look.

vanessa-hudgens teen hairstyles 2014 vanessa-hudgens messy updo teen hairstyles 2014

The most important thing about teen hairstyle is naturalness so try to wear your hair naturally without overloading it with styling products. Be sure you will look more attractive and stylish if you try to make the most of your hair. Read more »

Bold Pink Hair Colors 2014

Block colored pink hair is more often chosen by celebs so if you still doubt whether pink color will look trendy or not, you can always turn to celebs for an inspiration. If you are not ready for dramatic changes, you can make things slower and begin your transformation by adding few pink highlights to your natural hair. Highlights styles like dip dyeing, paneling or chunky highlighting will be in perfect harmony with pink color. Place highlights on lower layers in case you want to create cute and elegant look. On the other hand, if you want to accentuate your best features, add chunky layers on the upper sections and a bang to create jaw dropping look with bold pink hair colors 2014.

sleek pink hairstyles pink highlights for 2014

Modern hair coloring techniques and hair dyeing brends will give you a chance to adopt any unimaginable style. When it comes to pink hair color, one can find variety of pink shades that include both subtle and bolder tones for any taste. If you have made up your mind to wear pink hair color, you should first learn few simple things that will help you to have perfect hair color and image.
Pink hair color is rather capricious and not everyone can wear such bold color. Read more »