Hairstyles 2011

Trendiest Ponytails 2011-2012

When it comes to hairstyles like ponytails everything becomes too much easier and simpler to get a stunning, lovely and quite attractive look. This is the hairstyle that can be too perfect on different occasions such as formal, semi-formal and, of course, casual events. To get the appropriate appearance you should choose the right ponytail hairstyle that suits your face shape perfectly. No doubt that you would like to see the trendiest ponytails 2011-2012 in order to create your own trendy 2011-2012 look and beautiful style. So, I represent you some trendiest ponytail hairstyles ideas which will provide your 2011-2012 eye-catching look.

Gorgeous Ponytails for 2011-2012

The greatest advantage of ponytails is that they work perfect for all hair types. No matter you choose a messy ponytail or classic one you will look perfectly attractive and stunning because this hairstyle lets you stay in the spotlight despite its simple style. Ponytail also doesn’t require much time and effort for its creation and it is certainly quite perfect for the busiest women who want to look chic, trendy and unique without spending much time on the hairstyle. Read more »

Ashley Greene and Her 2011 Stunning Hairstyles

Ashley Greene seems to be one of the most stunning celebrities who takes proper care of her beauty and perfect look. She always appears in the hottest and trendiest hairstyles which perfectly emphasize her facial features and bright personality. Any hairstyle chosen by Ashley suits her perfectly and makes her look more feminine and beautiful. Most of all Ashley appears in long hairstyles, for example, she prefers long wavy, long straight and long curly hairstyles.

Ashley Greene 2011 Hairstyles

Ashley’s taste is rather delicate and  her good look can be a perfect source of inspiration for any woman who wants to get a new and fresher image without spending too much time and money on its creation. To achieve this we’d better take a look at Ashley Green’s Hairstyles of 2011 which might be a great inspiration for your next new season hairstyle.    Read more »

Celeb Chignons 2011

Classic hairstyle is a very important element for those who prefer to look too elegant and feminine on any occasion. And chignons are among the most classic and elegant hairstyles that make any woman look perfectly feminine and alluring.




This hairstyle is mostly chosen by such stunning celebrities as Ashley Greene, Taylor Swift, Amber Heard, Hofit Golan and others. So I’ve prepared the best celeb chignons of 2011 that can be a great source of inspiration for your new gorgeous style.

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Celeb Messy Updos 2011

Messy updo seems to be among the loveliest and attractive hairstyles most preferred by busy women. In general messy hairstyle is a perfect way to display your real character and natural beauty. It gives your tresses a real sophistication and alluring touch. Wearing a messy hairstyle you demonstrate your personal style preferences and your unique style.

Celeb Messy Updos 2011

Everything seems to be very easy with this when it comes to messy updo hairstyle. It doesn’t require much time and effort for its creation but at the same time it makes you look rather impressive and interesting. It is rather easier to draw some inspiration from the following celebrities’ messy updo hairstyles ideas as they always try to  look great and too attractive due to their trendy and unique hairstyle. Read more »

Celeb Pinned Up Locks 2011

If you want to give your tresses a new interesting touch, you’d better take a look at the following stylish celebrities pinned up locks which are perfect for obtaining a new interesting and lovely look that will make you feel rather confident about your pretty image. These lovely pinned up locks are perfect for almost any occasion. You can easily wear them on formal and casual occasions. In any case they will make you shine due to their lovely look. Read more »

Flirty Braided Hairstyles for Autumn 2011

It is so cool to play with different flirty braided hairstyles especially when they are quite suitable for your personal style and style preferences. Almost any braided hairstyle gives your tresses a too feminine, sophisticated and alluring look. And the following flirty braids will be the shortest way to be too attractive and impressive. Read more »

Autumn 2011 Hair Color Ideas

Get ready to choose from the new hair color ideas for your beautiful autumn 2011 hairstyle. These fabulous colors will perfectly crown your hairstyle giving too lovely and alluring touch to your tresses. Display your modern attitude to the new hairs styling effects. If you want to get perfect result learn how to combine tones that will work perfect with your hair texture and style. Read more »

Autumn 2011 Short Hairstyles

Want to give your short hair a new hot look? No doubt that you are too trendy and stylish. Here are different Autumn 2011 short hairstyles ideas for those who appreciate chic and gorgeous look regardless of the season. These ultra-stylish hairstyles will be perfect to show off your perfect style and even feminine sides. Read more »

Celeb Long Curls 2011

Curly hairstyle is a means of demonstrating your feminine and romantic sides. Curls can provide you with too much sophistication and feminine beauty. The more you know about curly hair styling ideas the better appearance you can obtain. As to Celeb Long Curls of 2011, I have prepared some celebrities curly hairstyles that you would probably like to take a look at. Read more »

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 2011

It seems that any hairstyle chosen by Eva Longoria can get a too attractive and impressive look. She is so beautiful and charming that it is quite difficult to say that a hairstyle can change something in her beauty. But despite everything you should take a look at pretty Eva’s Hairstyles worn in 2011. No doubt that all the hairstyles look great when worn by Eva Longoria. Read more »