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Trendy Wedding Hairstyles

When it comes to bridal image and hairstyles, any woman will imagine a complicated updo hairstyle that is completed with glamorous hair clip or tiara. Yes, bridal hairstyles should be fantastic, but do they need to be so sophisticated? or a simple cute bun will do? Going through hair trends 2014, I found out that tendencies are on the side of natural looks, and it concerns weddings as well, just the right hair accessory will convert you into a queen and no need to suffer for hours inventing a new design. Here is a small collection of trendy wedding hairstyles, let’s consider it together.

braided wedding hairstyles updo bridal hairstyles

headband for wedding wavy wedding hairstyles

Traditional updo hairstyles for wedding are also very popular, but these are the images we have seen millions of times already, and now it is the time for something new. Mind, that you should decide with hairstyle after you have chosen your dress. You can try several styles, loose, half updo hairstyles, messy updos, and see which one suit you more. Read more »

Summer Blonde Hair Color

Ladies, you feel the breath of summer now? The warmest spring days are here and now it is the very time to get ready for hot summer. All your image should be ready for sun, sea, beach and parties. Summer hairstyles are of great importance here. They should be relaxed and messy hairstyles not to take time from you on styling. But what I wanted to talk about is hair color. Of course you can choose bright and bold colors like auburn, but I must warn you that the summer sun and salty water bleach hair extremely quickly, so better go for subtle colors, that will look natural in the sun. I am sure I understood that I a talking about summer blonde hair color, that even if damaged by sun, will look fantastic.

long wavy blonde hairstyles strawberry blonde hair color

summer blonde hair color sandy blonde hair color

For summer season the best shades of blonde are darker ones, like sandy blonde, sugar blonde and honey blonde hair color. First they do not use their shine and gloss quickly and most importantly they fir any skin color, so if you cane to beach with white skin and got tanned, you won’t need to worry about hair color, it will fantastically suit you. Read more »

Side Ponytail

One of the most popular hairstyles of all times is ponytail. And this is easy to explain: ponytail hairstyles are easy to create and no styling skills are required. Imagine yourself for a second, can’t you design a ponytail? Besides, ponytail are very casual at first sight, but if you upgrade them with some tricky detail they can fit any formal event. Actually nowadays the design for ponytails are numerous. They are meant both for everyday life and casual outfit on one side, and on the other for a special event and evening gown. Today let’s consider side ponytail and see what variations we can style.

wavy side ponytail ponytail for black women

ponytail styles twisted ponytail

You will never stop experimenting with ponytails once you start doing it. Look at this twisty ponytail, it look fabulous very simple and easy-to-do, yet looks quite serious and presentable. You just need to twist hair from one side, bringing on the back to the opposite side, and fix the tresses into a loose ponytail. Read more »

Undercut Hairstyle for Women

Sunny weather and hot wind makes us think of our image. Do you look as hot as the summer weather? If not yet, let’s discuss in this article undercut hairstyle for women. The majority of you now may say that undercut hairstyle is for men, but I will argue with you here, cause many celebrities choose undercut hairstyle to underline their self confidence and personality, so why can’t you choose a hairstyle to boost your individuality?  Undercut hairstyles are not of one kind, they can be different starting from casual designs to more complicated ones, making you look soft and on the contrary bold.

rihanna long undercut hairstyle short undercut hairstyle

undercut hairstyles braided undercut hairstyle

Undercut style is a retro hairstyle in fact that has returned into fashion during last years, and hold positions so far. It can fit both men and women, and looks equally smart on long and short hair length. And on the whole how can shaved side and longer hair look dull? I assure you that this hairstyle will inject you with life and sexy looks. Read more »

Pin Up Hairstyles

Retro hairstyles are coming back to our modern fashion more and more now. Many new hair designs are full of retro tricks and details on one hand, and on the other retro styles are completed with modern details. Retro atmosphere is all around, in clothing fashion, in make up, and in hairstyles. So let’s see some of them, precisely pin up hairstyles, the once popular styles from 50’s, that entered 2014 and made a real statement with their appearance.

christina aguilera pin up hairstyles vintage pin up hairstyles

retro pin up hairstyles pin up hairstyles for short hair

In the pictures you see well known celebrities that have turned to hairstyles from 50’s and maybe in some cases they have similar looks appearing on different high class events, but in fact pin up hairstyles look very sexy and they underline the beauty and femininity of each single woman separately. Read more »

Romantic Braided Hairstyles

Ladies, it is the time to win hearts and inject the world with some more femininity and style. Relaxed and easy hairstyles are the fitting ones for summer season. The look very cute and they make you feel quite girlish and playful. As far as hair trends 2014 stand for natural looks, you won’t need to create tight braids and see if all strands are fixed, on the contrary loose side braids and some strands left out will create angelic image. Combined with sugar blonde hair color and ombre highlights your hairstyle will just conquer the surroundings. Here are the romantic braided hairstyles for the coming summer season.

messy braided hairtyles side fishtail

braided low bun long side braid

Fishtail braid is one of the most popular designs, yet it is a bit more complicated than the French braid and looks more exquisite. Anyways, if you are just practising styling skills, you can try messy side French braid. If your hair is poker straight, I will advice to make soft waves and then plait the tresses, to create messy effect. Read more »

French Twist Updo by Charlize Theron

All the new trends come to be popular and wide spread through celebrities. Once seen on the red carpet a dress, an accessory and a hairstyle become popular and go into people. Celebrities inspire us with the modern designs and we willingly follow them, but we shouldn’t forget that each of us ladies, is a unique treasure, and we should consider thoroughly our own image. Among celebrities Charlize Theron is the one standing out her her style, her hair always of blonde hair color or of blonde ombre highlights and her hairstyles always elegant. French twist updo by Charlize Theron is worth discussing and more close attention, cause it looks simply perfect.

charlize theron french twst updo french twist updo

You see an amazing hairstyle on pictures, and yet it is simple. Yes, it is all in the mainstream with the tendencies of natural hairstyles 2014. No complicated details and tricks, just hair twisted. Let’s consider how we can recreate French twist updo. Read more »

Natural Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair can be consider the symbol of femininity and tenderness. Many women know that only curls make them look flirty and a bit childish that man simply adore in ladies. celebrities choose curly hairstyles to look naturally sexy and women around the world follow their image. Natural curly hairstyles include many hair designs both downdo and updo that will be suitable for any event and will always keep you romantic and sweet.

long curly hairstyles natural curly hairstyles

medium curly hairstyles naturally curly hairstyles

Naturally curly hair need much care cause quite often such tresses appear to be dry and frizzy. If you are an owner of curly hair, know that only good quality hair care means will save your hair. Read more »

Boho Hairstyles

Popular hairstyles of the current season show tendencies to natural looks, so boho hairstyles are in fashion. Nothing can make a woman more sensual and feminine than natural hairstyle. All the styles of summer are relaxed and simple so that any woman can create a smashing looks. Anyway, the styles are simple but they are numerous, and in order to have modern looks, you should be changing styles and offering new you for different occasions. That is why I want to consider with you now some of the best hairstyles that are trendy and sexy.

bohemian hairstyles boho braids

bohemian fishtail retro hairstyles

For this season of sunny warm weather and beach parties you should get to now the beach messy hairstyles that will be very useful for you on vacations. Read more »

Elegant Hair Updos

If a woman is invited to a party, get ready for some fuss. No matter a formal party, or casual evening with classmates who she hasn’t seen for ages a total panic begins: what to wear, what shoes to choose, make and for sure hairstyle! If you were a celebrity, stylists would do it all for you, but now it’s all up to you to choose and decide and get the fabulous looks at the end. I am here to show you some examples of elegant hair updos that perhaps will fit you this time, let’s go!

hairstyles with headbands

Stylist each time represent us new styles that are gorgeous and sophisticated, but among hair updos I want to mention separately bun hairstyles, that were oh so popular in fifty’s. You could see women in buns everywhere, and not thin buns lacking body, but thick beehive buns. Read more »