Hair Colors

Hair Highlights by Celebrities

Ladies, it’s not a secret that we are all very changeable and we always seek for something new not to get bored and tired. This feature of ours affects all spheres of life, and our image also undergoes changes in accordance with mood. Hairstyle and hair color are among the first things to be changed when we need an inspirational make over. Sometimes it is difficult to go for a new haircut, and even changing hair color can be stressing. So here we have only solution: hair highlights. Modern hair dyeing techniques are a source of endless hair color combos and new decisions and first of all we see them on celebs for sure. Here are examples of hair highlights by celebrities that will be useful for you.

brown hair highlights black hair with highlights

brown hair with blonde highlights caramel hair highlights

When going for hair highlights be sure to select appropriate hair colors, cause highlighting by itself applies that base tone should be two shades darker than highlights. Read more »

Ombre Hair Color

One of the most popular hair colors among celebrities in the new season remains ombre hair color. Many women all over the world come to choose precisely this hair highlights, cause it’s it looks very nice and not casual, and most importantly quite functional and requires low maintenance. You don’t need to constantly visit hair dresser to dye your darker roots, cause ombre hair color mean darker roots melting into lighter ends. It looks perfect on brown and brunette hair colors. so if you have a great desire to create something on your head and still are at a loss what to do, I suggest looking through the examples of ombre hair color below, and inspiration wil come on its own.

brown hair with blonde highlights dark brown hair with blonde highlights

As I said in ombre hair dyeing the main thing to keep is the transition from darker root tone to lighter ends. And actually it can be created on any color, following the rules. With ombre dyeing the process itself is not simple and easy. so to get the desired appearance you’d better go to a professional hair stylist. Dark brunette hair with brown or blonde highlights will look very nice, but if you have light brown hair, choose one tone lighter highlights color.  Read more »

Hair Color 2014

The easiest way to change looks for women has always been new hair color. In just an instance the image will be totally changed, especially if you want to go bold and choose some bright trendy colors, that are actually quite popular this seasons and stylists offer us to opt such vibrant hair colors.

hair color 2014 brown hair color 2014

One tone hair color can be curious for sure but if you want to be a real trendsetter this time then definitely go for multi tonal hair color. Wide hair color palette now offers so many hair colors and shades that you can choose any unimaginable tone for you. If you plan not to go too dramatic then highlights close to base color will be perfect for you. And on the other hand to get a smashing look among the dull crowd, you can try any of the bright hair shades, purple, orange, red, pink and any other color that you may imagine. Read more »

Hair Highlights for Summer 2014

Last season brought into trend multi tonal hair color and this season too considers multi colored hair to be the trend. It is already out of fashion to wear monotonous hair, and fresh hair combos come forward to break the daily routine colors.

To speak frankly, when talking about hair colors we deal with zillion of shades and tones and their combinations. Modern hair styling and care techniques allow us to get the looks that we only used to desire. we just need to be ready for the change and go for it. Here below find hottest hair highlights for summer 2014 and get inspired for the makeover.

red hair highlights purple hair highlights

blonde hair haighlights magenta hair highlights

Summer hairstyles and haircuts are usually much relaxed and natural than other seasons’. Warm and light shades will add tenderness and life to your hair texture. Highlights color should be some two tones lighter or darker compared with the base tone. brown hair color can be combined with golden blonde or red highlights. Read more »

Hair Color 2014: Red Hair Shades

Are you ready for the coming new season! I am damn sure that yes! You must be tired of your dull daily look and you seek for something new and hot to glam up your look and not get lost in the colorless pale crowd.

New haircut is a way to freshen your image, but not all of us are ready to cut off tresses, so new hair color is what any woman can need. Hair color trends 2014 offer us new red hair color shades combined with natural tones that will look smashing. Check out my selection of red hair shades that can be considered the trendiest hair color 2014.

auburn hair color ideas

I must mention that red hair color demands high maintenance, it’s very capricious and you must be ready to take care of it, and the result will be worthy your efforts for sure. Now let’s pass to red hair colors 2014. Read more »

Hairstyles for 2014

It’s already spring, colds are gone and finally we can relax and thing of our image and style. Recently I have passed through hair trends of past year and I was surprised to find out that hair trends 2014 took many designs from last year, with some little updates for sure. Here below I will show some hairstyles for 2014, and if you are seeking a makeover in your image and want to stay in touch with the fashion trends look through the post.

brown hair color 2014

On the whole the majority of hairstyles 2014 are natural and more relaxed. In modern times women are busy, the schedule is full of appointments and work to be done, that is why more and more women seek for simple styles, that are natural and easy to maintain. Stylist offer tricks that make it plain to take care of hair regardless of hair length. Read more »

Faux Hairstyles

Hairstyles designs are so numerous and hair stylist all the time invent newer hair solutions and women always want to try all of them. But there is a reason why we can’t have them all at once: it hair length, some hairstyles are too short and the others are too long. But wait before getting disappointed! Now hair stylists have thought of a solution: faux hairstyles. They will give a new flash, fresh breath to your style and there is no need to go for dramatic changes with your hair.

faux bob

Faux bob is the most popular faux hairstyle nowadays like it was before. Many celebrities choose it to get a new look for some special event. This easy-to-do hairstyle with vintage air around it will fit formal and casual occasion. Many girls with long hair want a bob one day, and here it is: faux bob. Tie your hair in a loose ponytail and then hide the ends under the tail and you have got the bob! Read more »

Brown Hair with Highlights

Natural hair highlights are in fashion again. Hair color trends 2014 offer great many multi tonal hairstyles among which you will surely choose the right color combo meant for you. Lets consider celebrities hair color as they almost always have delicate taste. Check out these ideas for brown hair with highlights and get inspired.

brown hair with highlights

Natural hair highlighting is very popular because first of all it looks fantastic as it adds extra volume and accent to hair. The ones with tanned skin should choose brown hair color, brunette and even black sometimes. Read more »

Celebrity Hair Highlights

Women get inspired not only by hairstyles and haircuts that celebrities wear on every new occasion, but also by the colors they are choosing. This mostly concerns the once who like bold and bright hair highlights. There are still women who prefer such drastic and appealing image. Specially for them I represent this post with the best celebrity hair highlights, including most bold hair color solutions.

funky hair color cute two tone hair color

Brightly colored hair catches the eye but not all of us can dare to wear such a hairstyle, better choose nature hair color and spice it up bright highlights. Modern hair dying techniques offer so many hair colors and shades and highlights that you will never get tired experimenting with color. If you want short lasting effect use semi-permanent dying means that are actually not so harmful for hair texture. Read more »

How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back

If you already got tired from never ending hair dying procedures at home or visiting hair stylist for more professional hair tinting, and you want to get your natural hair color back, go through this post and I will show you some tricks that will make the process easier. Returning your hair color back won’t be an simple task, mostly if you have been dying it continuously for a long period of time. But look through the advice I will give you and the process will turn out to be not so complicated. Each woman should keep in mind that healthy glossy hair is a must for a woman and you need to do all possible to get your tresses shining and bright, no matter how much effort and money it may require from you.

hair dye preparation

Turn to a Professional Hairstylist for advice

For the ladies who want to know urgently how to get back hair color, the best solution is talking to hair stylist and ask for a piece of advice during personal appointment. As we know monthly hair grows half an inch so you understand that it will take quiet long until hair grows and natural hair color takes its place. But if you want to make this process go more quickly definitely turning to hairstylist will be the decision, he will professionally consult you. He certainly must be aware of hair nourishing means and what hair dyes are giving less harm to hair texture, and can return you natural hair color back very soon. Read more »