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Reese Witherspoon Blonde Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Reese Witherspoon is may be the most popular fairy blonde who inspires millions of women to go blonde. Indeed, blonde hair color is the best one that will transform your casual look and help you to become a real beauty bunny like Reese Witherspoon. If you still doubt whether it is worth to copy her celebrity hairstyles or not, you can check out Reese Witherspoon blonde hairstyles ideas and inspire yourself for beautiful makeover.

reese witherspoon stylish hairstyles for summer 2014 reese witherspoon vintage hairstyles for summer 2014

Reese Witherspoon has experimented with both medium and long hairstyles but she never changed her hair color. Her beautiful blonde hair makes her complexion and features even more feminine and attractive. No matter she wears simple loose hair or complicated up-do hairstyle she looks equally stunning.  Read more »

Bold Pink Hair Colors 2014

Block colored pink hair is more often chosen by celebs so if you still doubt whether pink color will look trendy or not, you can always turn to celebs for an inspiration. If you are not ready for dramatic changes, you can make things slower and begin your transformation by adding few pink highlights to your natural hair. Highlights styles like dip dyeing, paneling or chunky highlighting will be in perfect harmony with pink color. Place highlights on lower layers in case you want to create cute and elegant look. On the other hand, if you want to accentuate your best features, add chunky layers on the upper sections and a bang to create jaw dropping look with bold pink hair colors 2014.

sleek pink hairstyles pink highlights for 2014

Modern hair coloring techniques and hair dyeing brends will give you a chance to adopt any unimaginable style. When it comes to pink hair color, one can find variety of pink shades that include both subtle and bolder tones for any taste. If you have made up your mind to wear pink hair color, you should first learn few simple things that will help you to have perfect hair color and image.
Pink hair color is rather capricious and not everyone can wear such bold color. Read more »

Ombre Summer Hairstyles 2014

With the coming of summer perhaps you have already changed you hairstyle and chose more relaxed beach waves or tried hair accessories for summer, and today let’s consider your hair color. For summer you should have hair highlights that are not very bright because the sun will fade the deep bright color very quickly. To be natural ombre hair is the best choice besides it is one of the trendy hairstyles and hair color solutions now. try to keep roots of the color close to natural, then ombre highlights will be easy to maintain. Now more in detail about ombre summer hairstyles 2014.

honey brown ombre hair

Two tone hairstyles are very attractive and this explains their popularity. Ombre hair introduce smart transition from dark hair color to lighter, it can be even dark chocolate to strawberry blonde. Sometimes ombre hair can be transition of 3 colors. Read more »

Dark Hair Color & Hairstyles

Natural dark hair color looks so sexy and mysterious that can hardly be compared with other color and that’s why many women choose dark shades like dark brown and even ebony black. If you are the owner of natural dark hair color you probably know proper hair care tips to have glossy hair. Those who still do not know proper hair care tricks, I have got some useful ideas to have smashing hair.

straight black hair long hairstyles with bangs

First of all you should use shampoo for dark hair. Natural dark hair is often frizzy and with strong texture, that’s why you should never neglect the usage of moisturizing masks and conditioner. Those who have colored hair can use clear hair glazes that will provide color with blinding gloss. This simple trick will breathe life to your lifeless tresses in a flash. If you have already got desired dark hair color, you can learn few amazing hairstyles that will make your hair look even more attractive and glamorous. Read more »

Summer Hair Highlights

Summer hair trends of this season offer us both natural and bold designs and depending on your personality and character you can choose any hair highlights you may like. It just a matter of decision to step forward and make the change finally, cause it’s summer in here. Take a look at summer hair highlights, they will feed any taste.

blonde hair color with pink highlights blonde hair with highlights

brown hair with caramel highlights brown hair with highlghts

Short pixie haircuts are in trends as usual, you can opt it if you don’t have and you can upgrade your current pixie with such a vivid modern look. Blonde hair color with highlights will look very fresh and sunny. contrasting hair color will make it look a bit bold still very sexy. Read more »

Blonde Hair Color Trends

Men love blondes! This is a true statement and any man can prove it. Many celebrities now choose blonde hair color and become sex symbols, and many divine goddesses have been true blondes. Although brunette and brown hair color look more serious and this war never ending, anyways we should all accept that blondes are the heart breakers. Those of us that have naturally blonde hair, can do nothing but enjoy it and all the merits it has, while the other should undergo some dramatic changes to come to the desired image. Blonde is a color that has shades and tines, and is used separately as well as for hair highlights. So what are blonde hair color trends of this season? Let’s see it right away.

caramel blonde hair color sandy blonde hair color

golden blonde hair color champagne blonde hair color

Blonde hair color must be taken care of. You should have special caring products, as well as the hue you will use must be of perfect quality not to destroy your image. Stylist offer us many new shades of blonde this year. Read more »

Summer Blonde Hair Color

Ladies, you feel the breath of summer now? The warmest spring days are here and now it is the very time to get ready for hot summer. All your image should be ready for sun, sea, beach and parties. Summer hairstyles are of great importance here. They should be relaxed and messy hairstyles not to take time from you on styling. But what I wanted to talk about is hair color. Of course you can choose bright and bold colors like auburn, but I must warn you that the summer sun and salty water bleach hair extremely quickly, so better go for subtle colors, that will look natural in the sun. I am sure I understood that I a talking about summer blonde hair color, that even if damaged by sun, will look fantastic.

long wavy blonde hairstyles strawberry blonde hair color

summer blonde hair color sandy blonde hair color

For summer season the best shades of blonde are darker ones, like sandy blonde, sugar blonde and honey blonde hair color. First they do not use their shine and gloss quickly and most importantly they fir any skin color, so if you cane to beach with white skin and got tanned, you won’t need to worry about hair color, it will fantastically suit you. Read more »

Ombre Hair Color 2014

Celebrities this season introduce us gorgeous hairstyles and mostly we can see ombre hair color on them. In fact, ombre hair looks both natural and sexy, on curly and wavy hairstyles, color is so blended with the base tone that you can hardly see distinct dyeing on the tresses. Lets have a look at these celebrity examples of ombre hair color 2014 and get convinced in its popularity.

Barrymore Ombre hair ombre color on long hair

ombre color ombre hair color

To get such wonderful ombre color, for sure you must gor to hair stylist so as to get professional haircare while dyeing. Darker roots will make the tresses look very natural. Ombre hair color is among number one summer hairstyles, so you still have time to get it quickly. Read more »

New Hair Highlights

Now that summer is almost here, it’s time to speak about hair colors. For many of us totally changing hair color may seem very difficult and that is why I want to discuss new hair highlights, that will keep your common hair color but will add new breath to your tresses with highlights. Depending on what image you want to get at the end, you have to choose highlights tones. To have soft looks, choose highlights some two tones lighter then the base, and for bolder looks choose bright and contrasting color, that will make you look sexy and catch attention everywhere you go.

long hairstyles with highlights new hair highlights

blonde hair color with highlights bold highlights

To have natural hair color, you highlights should be done professionally. Soft colors will add volume to hair and more definition, so such light tones for highlights may be perfect for thin hair to boost some additional volume. For example brown hair color with caramel highlights looks simply amazing. Read more »

Trendy Hair Highlights

It is the time for you to come out of shades and shock everybody with new image. Clothing and accessories are important, but hairstyle can be crucial in such case. For many of us, dear ladies, it is difficult to change haircut, to cut off long tresses for example, but changing hair color is much easier. And I will tell you that using highlights is even easier, cause you don’t have to change the hair color you have had for ages, you just bright it up with new color decisions. So here are the trendy hair highlights of the season, look, enjoy and go to hair stylist.

blonde hair color with bold highlights brown hair color with highlights

dark hair color with highlights ash blonde hair color with highlights

As far as we are talking about breaking out from daily casual looks, then logically we should discuss bold hair highlights, that will change you in an instance. Read more »