Curly Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Summer is almost here and you should get ready for it. Prepare your long tresses for the coming new season. In this post I will tell you some simple tricks to have gorgeous hairstyle in the hottest weather. So let’s go on to see the long hairstyles for summer 2014.

blonde curly hairstyle anthony pomije long hairstyle for summer

layered long hairstyle brown hair color for long hair

Long hairstyle can be your best armour if your hair is healthy and glossy. So before you come to changing your hairstyle you’d better revitalize your hare with home made hair care products, and professional hair care formulas. Read more »

Beach Hairstyles

Summer is almost here, the time of vacations, sun, sea and parties for sure. And the best way to shine at a beach party is to wear a stunning beach hairstyles. Many hairstyles can be mention under this title, but the most attractive and cute and sexy one is beach wavy hairstyle that will break hearts of those who see you.

wavy beach hairstyle cute beach hairstyle

Beach wavy hairstyle is not only for summer and sea parties by the way. If combined with appropriate evening gown it can be perfect even for formal events. The good thing is that this hairstyle doesn’t require special styling skills and it is very easy to design. So if you want to have the amazing look of the season, look through these summer beach hairstyles, below I will also tell about some tricks to create them. Read more »

Summer Hairstyles

Summer is almost here, ladies! It is the time of gorgeous updos and loose hairstyles, and if you want to have an appropriate image in the hottest season, look through the summer hairstyles I will show you below, and get inspired to have a new appearance this summer 2014!

When styling a summer hairstyle, you  must keep in mind that it has to be simple, and natural, and never overload it with hairstyling products. No complicated designs are suitable for summer.

side braid hairstyle long summer hairstyles

simple summer hairstyles summer hairstyles 2014

Summer is the time of romance so romantic wavy hairstyles that will make you look youthful and playful are highly in trends at this period of time. Loose wavy and wavy updo hairstyles are equally in fashion and be sure that both of them will fit any occasion. Hot rollers will make it easy for you to design waves o sleek hair if you have it. And don’t forget to use shine serum at the end to have the glossy look. This cute wavy hairstyle will keep you in the centre of attention wherever you appear. Read more »

Beyoncé Hairstyles

Beyoncé is one of the most popular pop stars of our stars. She has already proved to be beauty and style icon and many women all over the world try to copy her image. She always comes to stage with new style and image and is an infinite source for inspiration. That’s why here a represent a selection of Beyoncé hairstyles for you to get inspired for a change in this new season.

beyonce suicide roll

Beyoncé is the owner of gorgeous thick curly hair that she frequently leaves loose, but she is never afraid of changes and in new videos and shows we see her in new unimaginable deigns that actually fit her much. But nothing can be compared with her golden curls that make her the sexiest star. Read more »

Rockabilly Hairstyles

Rockabilly hairstyles once were extremely popular in 1930s, but here they are back now! Modern hair stylists often choose retro hairstyles with new tricks for their shows and rockabilly hairstyle is really often seen on red carpet events. This hairstyle is both for men and women and both of them look bold and funky in both cases. In the post I will show you the best examples from catwalk shows.

rockabilly hairstyles 2014

Men rockabilly hairstyles are cool and look modern, so let’s begin with them. Quiff hairstyle can be designed on short haircut or on medium undercut hairstyle when the upper layers are longer while the sides and back are cut short even shaved. A small and easy simple trick by stylists inspire retro look to the hairstyle. Styling gel will give wt look and volume is achieved by teasing hair. If you have natural curly hair, then this style is precisely for you. Read more »

How to Create Voluminous Hair

To have stunning hairstyle volume is an important condition, but not all of us have naturally thick and voluminous hair. Women with thin hair always seek for some more volume and start to use different styling means to achieve their aim. If your hair is thin too, have a look at this post, where i will tell you what products to use to obtain volume and will teach some simple tricks to get the desired look without too much effort.

Certainly many styling means offer decisions for thin hair, but how to create voluminous hair? I must tell you the the first thing to do is to have layers on the crown. Soft tapered layers will make your hair look thicker even if you don’t style it properly.

voluminous bob haircut voluminous long curly hairstyle

voluminous long wavy hairstyle Voluminous messy hairstyle

You already have a layered hairstyle and now it’s time to consider adding some more volume. First you should use volumizing shampoo and conditioner, but note conditioner wont do for thin hair cause it will make hair heavy and weigh it down. Now that you have clean dry hair, we finally come to styling perfect locks that will inspire new breath to your hairstyle. Read more »

2013 Gorgeous Side Up-do Hairstyles

Hairstyles for special events are so many and stylists go on creating new once because formal hairstyles are so elegant and inspire the sweet charisma to your image. Formal hairstyles are incredibly numerous and almost all of them have feminine air bit the pictures below are the formal hairstyles that are actually playful and elegant at the same time. Gorgeous side up-do is the style that is really worth detailed mentioning.

Side up-dos have many ways to be styled in, if you want to learn some of them look through the given gallery of 2013 gorgeous side up-do hairstyles to pick up a unique hairstyle for the coming occasion.

glam side swept up-doblonde side up-do

  • Sleek side chignon is the style that stands out from others. It is sexy and sensual. But remember that hair should be shoulder length at least to recreate this style. Read more »

Curly and Wavy Hairstyles 2013

Times go by but curly hairstyles seem to never go out of fashion due their gorgeous looks and variations. Look through the brand new curly and wavy hairstyle designs and see how simple are the tricks to make you look stunning.

It’s common experience that women wearing straight hair seek for flirty curls. Due to innumerable styling tools and devices it will appear quite easy to create the look you desire. The examples I represent below will keep you updated about trends in curly and wavy hairstyles 2013, so look through them and create the one you like more.

Women with natural curls must pay special attention to hair care techniques, because it’s commonly known that this hair get frizzy and dry very easily. Your hair will look strong and healthy only if take proper care of it.

This season among the most fashionable styles you can find both tight curls and more relaxed ones. Flirty and angelic curls will be the strongest accessory for your playful girlish style. Read more »

Ideas for Midi Curly Hairstyles

No matter the times the curly hair never stops looking attractive. Regardless of hair length, curly hairstyle holds unique grace and innocence in itself. Midi curly hair is not only trendy but very easy to keep as well. The cutest examples of ideas for midi curly hairstyles given below will show you how to make the knocking down curly hairstyle without putting too much effort in it.

Natural curly hair can be nice and look quite attractive but it also requires much attention and thorough hair care procedures. Mind that natural curls can easily become dry and to keep you tresses in good condition you must take a proper care of them. Your hair will become silky and shining due to regular moisturizing procedures. As soon as you learn simple ways of hair care, it will take you maximum five minutes to get the amazing image. Just wash with the right shampoo, then use curl enhancer and air dry, and your fancy hairstyle is all ready. Read more »

Long Curly Hairstyles 2012

Chic and charming curls have always been romantic and perfectly impressive a any event. To have long curly hairstyles means to look too gorgeous and charming, of course when your long curls are healthy and shiny. Curls can contribute to an amazing and fabulous look and those girls or women who want to have long curly hair should attach great importance to the health of their long hair and they must take proper care of their long curly hair. And this will help get the desired look they want to see.

No doubt that long curly hairstyles if they are healthy or perfectly-styled can look incredible and the following hairstyles presented here can be an undeniable proof of this fact. So, if you are going to style your chic long curly hairstyles take a peek at these long curly hairstyles 2012 to crown your pretty look in 2012.

Curly hair requires more maintenance than other hair types. But if you know the right way to style your long tresses or to take proper care of them you will have no problem displaying your beautiful and fabulous long curls. Read more »