Celebrity Hairstyles

Beyoncé Hairstyles

Beyoncé is one of the most popular pop stars of our stars. She has already proved to be beauty and style icon and many women all over the world try to copy her image. She always comes to stage with new style and image and is an infinite source for inspiration. That’s why here a represent a selection of Beyoncé hairstyles for you to get inspired for a change in this new season.

beyonce suicide roll

Beyoncé is the owner of gorgeous thick curly hair that she frequently leaves loose, but she is never afraid of changes and in new videos and shows we see her in new unimaginable deigns that actually fit her much. But nothing can be compared with her golden curls that make her the sexiest star. Read more »

Bun Hairstyles Ideas

You are preparing for a party or formal event and are at a loss what hairstyle to choose? Let’s see what celebrities lately have represented during red carpet events. Analizing their hairstyle I found a tendency – celebrities chose mostly classy elegant hairstyles for different events. For sure some of them still go bold and never stop shocking us with their images. Lets see some classy bun hairstyles ideas that celebrities wear now.

Aishwarya Rai bun hairstyle elegant bun hairstyles

amber heard bun hairstyles updo hairstyles

Hairstylist work hard and constantly create new designs and due to them celebrities always look breathtaking. Some of their hairstyles though are quite complicated and can be designed only with the help hairdresser. So you can choose the most stunning updo hairstyle but you must know that you will have to pay well for it. Read more »

Celebrity Hair Highlights

Women get inspired not only by hairstyles and haircuts that celebrities wear on every new occasion, but also by the colors they are choosing. This mostly concerns the once who like bold and bright hair highlights. There are still women who prefer such drastic and appealing image. Specially for them I represent this post with the best celebrity hair highlights, including most bold hair color solutions.

funky hair color cute two tone hair color

Brightly colored hair catches the eye but not all of us can dare to wear such a hairstyle, better choose nature hair color and spice it up bright highlights. Modern hair dying techniques offer so many hair colors and shades and highlights that you will never get tired experimenting with color. If you want short lasting effect use semi-permanent dying means that are actually not so harmful for hair texture. Read more »

Celebrity New Party Hairstyles

The well known celebrities and beauty bunnies have always been the source of style inspiration for women all over the world. And each of us has her own beauty idol to who we turn when we seek for a change in our appearance.

Elegant Pulled-up Updo Braided Loose Updo Hairstyle

Evening updo hairstyle party half updo hairstyle

Planning a party and don’t know what to wear, what make-up and hairstyle to choose? Here below I will represent a small gallery of celebrity new party hairstyles that are easy to do and look amazing. Read more »

Hairstyles Ideas by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is the pop icon, the beloved celebrity by girls and boys and grown ups, the sex symbol of our time.Fans from all over the world imitate him and copy his charismatic image.His stands out  with his unique style yet his style is not hard to recreate. Check out hairstyle ideas by Justin Timberlake I collected for you below and choose the one fitting your own style.


Justin Timberlake never avoids changes as many celebrities do and always seeks for something new. Now you can see him wearing a shaved head style but it was not too long before that he appeared with a curly haircut.  Anyways, any image he creates is charismatic and sexy, and you can pick out any you desire.

Read more »

Celebrity Cutest Up-do Hairstyles

Celebrities never  fail to look so exquisite and womanly that you can always draw inspiration from their images and find your stylish look. Some tips below and professional hair styling tools will help you to easily get the image of Hollywood stars. Look through the celebrity cutest up-do hairstyles right now and right here and choose the unique one for you and make the shift in your appearance.

Fabulous up-do hairstyles will increase your inborn beauty so be ready for rising attention towards your image; everybody will be captured by your brand new appearance! Leave behind the sophisticated up-do hairstyles that can appear to be quite extravagant, choose loose refined up-dos that will make you look smashing.

No surprise that among the up-do hairstyles celebrities frequently choose  braided up-do hairstyle that is recognized to be the trend this year. On a casual occasion or a formal event you will look knocking down by this never-out-of-fashion hairstyle no matter what you choose – a braided bang style, braided ponytail or a bun. Here below are presented some samples of braided styles that are the choice of celebrities and yet remain easy to create.

On the red carpet you can always see the variety of cute chignons, top knot and ballerina buns hairstyles. You must have noticed yourself that the lately our beloved celebrities have started to wear more natural and ordinary hair styles, that enhance and highlight their inborn sensuality and unique style. Read more »

Gorgeous Long Hairstyles

Long hair has its own problem: it can become boring and ordinary very quickly. The way to avoid it and have delicate appearances is to wear diverse styles. The below examples of gorgeous long hairstyles will keep the variety of your styles.

A simple layering and a bang are the fashionable details you can easily apply in need of an immediate change. Take a step forward, use proficiently your styling skills and try new decisions in hair-styling.

The loose curly and the wavy hairstyles will give your long hair astounding looks. The curls romantically rolling down your shoulders will immediately change your ordinary image. Remember that you will need all the required tools – hot rollers, tong, and curling iron. The side swept curly hairstyle will inspire you the most seductive looks. Read more »

Straight Hairstyles

Straight hair styles will never say goodbye to their popularity due to their amazing look. Take a look at the following straight hair styles ideas for and decide which style will perfectly suit your face shape and personality. Straight hair styles have always been elegant and impressive. So, it is always easy to get a more attractive look according to your straight hair style.

straight hair styles medium straight hair style

long straight hair style short straight hair

Straight hairstyles easily give you a stylish and cute look regardless of your hair length. They are perfect for all hair lengths and can be created rather quickly and easily when using different hair straightening tools or flat irons.
To make the right choice you can draw inspiration from the following sleek straight hairstyles ideas.

Short straight hair styles
Short hair styles work perfect due to the low maintenance and sexy style.
Short straight hair styles are cool for diffrent occasions. They provide some elegance and unique style for different occasions. Read more »

2012 Ponytails

Long for having an interesting, chic yet an easy-to-do hairstyle? The best 2012 ponytail hairstyles ideas are offered here to let you draw inspiration for your next stylish look.

Ponytails have many advantages and one of the greatest advantages of stylish and cute ponytails is that they can be created very quickly and easily. Ponytails also don’t require much time and effort to create and it is perfectly suitable for the busiest women or girls who want to look super-stylish, sexy and unique without spending much time on the hairstyle.

But at the same time ponytails can give you a modern, trendy and a gorgeous appearance that goes perfect for different occasions. This hair style can be created even without the help of your hair stylist, so try your hand at styling these lovely ideas for your beautiful locks. Add your creativity skills to get a unique and interesting style suitable for your personal style. Read more »

Long Curly Hairstyles 2012

Chic and charming curls have always been romantic and perfectly impressive a any event. To have long curly hairstyles means to look too gorgeous and charming, of course when your long curls are healthy and shiny. Curls can contribute to an amazing and fabulous look and those girls or women who want to have long curly hair should attach great importance to the health of their long hair and they must take proper care of their long curly hair. And this will help get the desired look they want to see.

No doubt that long curly hairstyles if they are healthy or perfectly-styled can look incredible and the following hairstyles presented here can be an undeniable proof of this fact. So, if you are going to style your chic long curly hairstyles take a peek at these long curly hairstyles 2012 to crown your pretty look in 2012.

Curly hair requires more maintenance than other hair types. But if you know the right way to style your long tresses or to take proper care of them you will have no problem displaying your beautiful and fabulous long curls. Read more »