Braided Hairstyles

Latest Braided Hairstyles: Boho Braids

Braided hairstyles are the trend this spring and they will be highly in trends also in summer, so if you want to have unique hairstyle than braided styles is what you need. Braided hairstyles are numerous, plaiting techniques are so different that I an sure you will be able to find the braid for any special occasion,. But for very special event you should opt boho braids, look at the examples below and get inspired.

boho braids braided bang hairstyle

Braided hairstyle has the best advantage for many women: it requires low maintenance and styling skills, so even if you are not that experienced you can get smashing looks anyway.  Besides braided hairstyles are in fashion, so you won’t need to worry whether your updo hairstyle is trendy or not. And finally summer braided hairstyles are relaxed and messy, so forget about polished looks and go for messy braids to look sexy and hot. Read more »

Elegant Updo Hairstyles

If you are tired of wearing loose hairstyles all the time, you must know that this is the moment to change it all and look through these gorgeous and elegant updo hairstyles that will make you unique anywhere you go. Below is a finest selection of evening hairstyles that are suitable for any hair texture and facial features, just choose the right occasion.

The coming season will be full of new designs and you must be ready so some simple tricks to have the neat look will be just in time now. Simple updo hairstyle is the best way to look feminine and elegant. Trendy updo hairstyles are so numerous and different that i can hardly manage to represent them all. Just practice a bit your styling skills, find the best updo for you and you are ready for the hottest season. And below I will try to help you with some popular updo hairstyles to get inspired.

Braided updo hairstylesGorgeous braided updo

Nowadays styling techniques and new designs allow to create all unimaginable hairstyles. But you must remember that summer is coming, the hottest season and for such weather you have to choose a summer updo hairstyle that will be relaxed and of low maintenance. Read more »

Cute Braided Hairstyles

If you want to change your image and get incredibly stunning looks, then check out these cute braided hairstyles I have prepared for you. Braided hairstyles are the trends this year and red carpet events and shows have already proved us that braids are the hottest updos. The great variety of styles braid offer will arm you with innumerable designs to look amazing each time. If you are not that skilled in plaiting techniques then start with simple French braid. And as soon as you get familiar with the main plaiting principles, you can experiment with more complicated designs like fishtail braid, milkmaid and herringbone braid.

braided hair braided hairstyle for black women

messy fishtail braid side braid hairstyle

The owners of gorgeous long hair can try great many hairstyling designs with braids, like braided byns and ponytails and more complicated updo braided hairstyles. Braided updos can be suitable for any occasion, and formal and more casual. The styling process includes some simple steps. Just make the ponytail and plait the edges into a braid and at the end fix it a all with an appropriate ribbon or band. and a secret tip is messy side braid, that is extremely popular among celebrities this season. Read more »

Summer Hairstyles

Summer is almost here, ladies! It is the time of gorgeous updos and loose hairstyles, and if you want to have an appropriate image in the hottest season, look through the summer hairstyles I will show you below, and get inspired to have a new appearance this summer 2014!

When styling a summer hairstyle, you  must keep in mind that it has to be simple, and natural, and never overload it with hairstyling products. No complicated designs are suitable for summer.

side braid hairstyle long summer hairstyles

simple summer hairstyles summer hairstyles 2014

Summer is the time of romance so romantic wavy hairstyles that will make you look youthful and playful are highly in trends at this period of time. Loose wavy and wavy updo hairstyles are equally in fashion and be sure that both of them will fit any occasion. Hot rollers will make it easy for you to design waves o sleek hair if you have it. And don’t forget to use shine serum at the end to have the glossy look. This cute wavy hairstyle will keep you in the centre of attention wherever you appear. Read more »

Casual Hairstyles 2014

Spring has come finally but only now we really can feel it’s warm, stormy March days are gone!!! Women undoubtedly have already changed their wardrobe, bought new brighter clothes and accessories and the only thing to update is hairstyle! New season trends offer us so many new gorgeous hairstyles that one can get lost while choosing. Anyways today I want to talk about easy everyday hairstyles that will make you look cute every single day, so check out these casual hairstyles 2014!

hairstyling ideas for long hair

Beautiful hairstyles are waiting for you, no special styling skills are required, just your wish to go for new experiments. Can you imagine anything better than creating the desired stunning look in just a few minutes? You will say it’s impossible, I say look through this hottest spring hairstyles right now! Read more »

Updo Hairstyles 2014: Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

Hair trends 2014 have already been announced to public, so now we more or less know what exactly will be in trends the coming seasons. The list involves greatest many of beautiful designs and hair styling solutions, so if you feel definite to make a step to a change look through the inspirational images below.

Kim Kardashian updo hairstyles

If you have long hair you can get inspired by updo hairstyles 2014 that offer us incredible new hair designs. Besides you can draw inspiration from Kim Kardashian hairstyles, she is currently considered to be a trendsetter in fashion , and she has many images that are really worth paying attention. Read more »

Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ladies with gorgeous long tresses, you are blessed, you know it? Cause only with long hair you can style so many designs, from sophisticated updos to loose wavy styles. Anyways long hair has a disadvantage as well: it requires care. high maintenance. You should always take care of the tresses for them to look healthy and strong. Nowadays there are many styling means and products that do not harm hair, so go for them and get ready for a change.

wavy retro hairstyle

Still in this post we won’t not consider hair care means and ways, but I will represent formal hairstyles for long hair that will be suitable for many occasions. Hair trends 2014 involve many nice formal designs and among them I am sure you will be able the one that is meant for your event. Here below are the best hairstyles for formal occasions, take a look and get ready. Read more »

Spring 2014 Hair Trends

Spring has already come though recent frosts didn’t quite make us feel like spring. But it is here and now that we already feel the warmth of spring sun I willingly want to represent you some new hair designs. Spring 2014 hair trends are about loose natural hairstyles, that are not so complicated to design, let’s have a look together.

spring 2014 braided hairstyle spring 2014 runway braided hairstyle

spring 2014 loose braided hairstyle spring 2014 ponytail hairstyle

Many beautiful hairstyle have gone through past year and have actually been included in spring 2014 hair trends. As I have mentioned they are mostly casual that can be worn in everyday life and don’t require special styling skills. Braided hairstyles are among the most popular ones that are involved in hair trends 2014. Casual hair designs offer to go for messy side braids, or loose braided buns this year that look relaxed and cute. New trends also involve sophisticated braided styles and if you have enough technique you can try to plait one of the gorgeous braided bun updos, it will be just smashing. Read more »

Bridal Hairstyles 2014

The wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days in any girl’s life, every should be planned beforehand, months before, carefully chosen dress, accessories and for sure wedding hairstyle. In this post you will find some of the best bridal hairstyles 2014 and get inspired to choose the one fitting your weeding dress.

wedding hairstyles 2014

Before we come to new wedding hairstyles, I should mention that the trends of last year are still in fashion, loose updos, vintage waves, braided hairstyles, half updos, you can still choose any of them. In first place let’s consider loose wavy hairstyle. For the coming new seasons hair stylists advice to be plain and mostly choose natural styles. If you plan a beach wedding, then wavy hairstyle is what you need. Natural flower accessories, veil, or bright headband band will perfectly complete your image. Read more »

New York Fashion Week: Hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 like the previous years’ hairstyles are inspired by catwalk, red carpet, and fashion week shows. To stay updated in this post we will take a look at the 2014 New York Fashion Week Hairstyles.

Hairstyles Trends NYFW 2014

New York Fashion Week this time seemed to put much accent on vintage images in all aspects of fashion. Retro clothing, retro make up and for sure retro hairstyles that combined together created gorgeous spring looks and became the trend of spring-summer collections 2014. Now let’s take a look at some hairstyles that create such nice vintage air. Read more »