Braided Hairstyles

2014 Fall Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles

Bridal hairstyles vary from season to season, and fall 2014 wedding hairstyles in this article are uique and unrepeatable.

When it comes to wedding we get crazy, girls! You can’t deny it. We need all in the smallest details planned and thought, decided and cancelled, then planned again, until we have no time to change things once more. This can refer to many things and hairstyles are not an exclusion. For summer we have relaxed hairstyles for wedding ceremonies, while for winter and autumn we need to think a bit more.

2014 Fall braids hairstyles for wedding

2014 Fall braids hairstyles for wedding

In contrast to summer fall 2014 wedding hairstyles are mostly updos or half updos. And this has its explanation. Weather in autumn is not that predictable and in case of wind or rain or snow, updo hairstyles won’t get damaged. Read more »

2014 Fall Hairstyles Tendencies

With the coming of autumn we usually become stressed and lose interest to some things. In summer we take care of our body, and clothing, and hairstyles to have cute looks, but in autumn we sit and wait for dull winter. This what happens usually, and what I suggest is to forget about low spirits and change appearance to have modern looks for autumn. 2014 fall hairstyles tendencies will give you an overview of the current trends in fashion world and you will see that being trendy means being in high spirits. The trendy hairstyles of the season will come up with braided updos, wet hairstyles, bouffant hairstyles and simple wavy hair.

2014 Fall braided updo hairstyles

2014 Fall braided updo hairstyles

Braids hairstyles are now quite complicated and these braided updos you see will require time and effort to create. But it is really worthy, right? Read more »

2014 Hairstyles for Teens

Teens have already got their own fashion and every year stylists offer trendy haircuts for teens. This year too stylists have prepared smashing styles for teens. If you want to be a trendsetter among your friends, this post will help you to find gorgeous hairstyle for new season.

long boho hairstyles for teens 2014

2014 hairstyles trends include different styles from short funky hairstyles to more romantic long hairstyles so no matter which style you choose you will look stunning. If you are in need of some inspiration you can check out these examples of 2014 hairstyles ideas for teens and choose the most suitable style for coming season. Read more »

Summer Braided Hairstyles 2014

If you haven’t found your cute summer hairstyles yet, it’s time to speed up already, cause summer is almost here. In this article you will find some trendy braided hairstyles that are going to be popular this season. Braids and ponytails are in the mainstream this time. They are very flexible and besides ponytails ate the best for hot weather. You can try any braiding style, fishtails, Dutch braids and simple French twists will look just the best hairstyle. So lets have a look at summer braided hairstyles 2014 and draw some more inspiration.

cute braided ponytail summer 2014 braided ponytail

Summer hairstyles are usually relaxed, cause no one will want to spend hours on styling instead of enjoying sun and sea. You can just pull up your tresses and make a twist, easy and nice. Read more »

Prom Hairstyles Ideas

Formal hairstyle is next important detail that should be chosen for prom. Every girl wants to become the queen of the party and tries to do everything to stand out from the crowd. Hairstyle has great impact on girl’s image that’s why stylists have created numerous formal hairstyles that are suitable for teen girls.

curly-prom-hairstyle long-layered-hairstyle-for-prom

Thanks to wide variety of styles as well as modern hair styling techniques you will be able to create prom hairstyle on any hair length. You can get some inspiration from these examples of prom hairstyles that include all the latest trends of formal styles.

Read more »

Hairstyle Ideas

If you are among the vast rows of women that are wearing one and the same hairstyles for ages, this article is devoted to you. Hair trends 2014 have already introduced us many wonderful hairstyles, and as I have said before most of them are natural and easy to maintain  and to create. Here I will show you some hairstyle ideas that are fresh and simple and can fit any hair texture and length. Don’t get stuck with you older looks, it’s summer, its time to be daring and change at least hairstyle. Dear ladies, let’s go and see what the trend s2014 have brought us.

braided hairstyles messy side ponytail

ash blonde hair color long dutch braids

Hairstyles 2014 involve many new designs as well as upgraded versions of well know retro hairstyles. Among them first to be mentioned is braided hairstyles. They are always trendy, regardless of season, of your age and of face shape. This season Dutch braids, and French twists, and other braided designs are a bit tousled and styled messy, to make them look natural, no polished styles are fashionable. Read more »

Romantic Braided Hairstyles

Ladies, it is the time to win hearts and inject the world with some more femininity and style. Relaxed and easy hairstyles are the fitting ones for summer season. The look very cute and they make you feel quite girlish and playful. As far as hair trends 2014 stand for natural looks, you won’t need to create tight braids and see if all strands are fixed, on the contrary loose side braids and some strands left out will create angelic image. Combined with sugar blonde hair color and ombre highlights your hairstyle will just conquer the surroundings. Here are the romantic braided hairstyles for the coming summer season.

messy braided hairtyles side fishtail

braided low bun long side braid

Fishtail braid is one of the most popular designs, yet it is a bit more complicated than the French braid and looks more exquisite. Anyways, if you are just practising styling skills, you can try messy side French braid. If your hair is poker straight, I will advice to make soft waves and then plait the tresses, to create messy effect. Read more »

Boho Hairstyles

Popular hairstyles of the current season show tendencies to natural looks, so boho hairstyles are in fashion. Nothing can make a woman more sensual and feminine than natural hairstyle. All the styles of summer are relaxed and simple so that any woman can create a smashing looks. Anyway, the styles are simple but they are numerous, and in order to have modern looks, you should be changing styles and offering new you for different occasions. That is why I want to consider with you now some of the best hairstyles that are trendy and sexy.

bohemian hairstyles boho braids

bohemian fishtail retro hairstyles

For this season of sunny warm weather and beach parties you should get to now the beach messy hairstyles that will be very useful for you on vacations. Read more »

Wedding Updos

Wedding is a special day in any woman’s life, and on that day we want to look unforgettable. All in your image should be in harmony on wedding ceremony: your wedding dress, accessories and hairstyle. Wedding hairstyles are of primary importance for brides image. You can have various hairstyles, but today I would like to discuss wedding updos.

simple wedding updo wedding updos

wedding hairstyles cute wedding hairstyles

Wedding updos can be of different styles, you have to choose the one that will fit your face shape and hair texture. You can style it on your own using high quality hair care means. It can concern simple hairstyles like a simple bun, low or high, and sleeked back hairstyles. Read more »

Hairstyles for Black Women

Women want to look amazing regardless of when and where they appear. Healthy and shiny hair is the first thing for women to take care of. This concerns mostly women with dry frizzy hair. They happen to face some specific problems and only high quality hair care means can solve their issues. Frizzy and dry edges is all about black hair, black women often appear in front of such problem, but having solved it, ladies you will have the widest choice of glamorous hair styles. Let’s go on and see hairstyles for black women that are meant precisely for thick and tight black hair.

long straight hairstyles for black women african updo hairstyles

hairstyles for black women natural hairstyles for black women

If you are getting ready for a formal event it will be appropriate to have either sleek loose hair or create an updo hairstyle, but to do it you will need to straighten the tight curls of yours, here mind to use very good means of high quality not to harm your hair. Read more »