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Hairstyles with Bangs 2014

New season has come and I am sure that you have already upgraded your wardrobe with new bright clothes and accessories and it’s high time to get a new hairstyle. I know that it turns out to be impossible to cut an inch of your long tresses, so I’ve got an amazing offer – bangs hairstyles. This is a secret weapon to get a brand new look without changing hair length.

hairsyles with round straight bangs

2014 hair trends offer a wide range of bangs hairstyles, so I am sure you will be able to find the most appropriate one for you. I should mention that the trendiest design is blunt cut bang, it is for sure A style to upgrade your look. The good thing is that blunt bang hairstyle can be combined with any hair length no matter blunt cut or layered. Read more »

New York Fashion Week: Hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 like the previous years’ hairstyles are inspired by catwalk, red carpet, and fashion week shows. To stay updated in this post we will take a look at the 2014 New York Fashion Week Hairstyles.

Hairstyles Trends NYFW 2014

New York Fashion Week this time seemed to put much accent on vintage images in all aspects of fashion. Retro clothing, retro make up and for sure retro hairstyles that combined together created gorgeous spring looks and became the trend of spring-summer collections 2014. Now let’s take a look at some hairstyles that create such nice vintage air. Read more »

Braided Hairstyles 2014

Braided hairstyles are the most beloved hairstyles by many women all over the world. They are really very beautiful, and this not the only reason for women to adore them, braided hairstyles are so variable and offer numerous styling ways. If you are among the women who adore braids I advice you to look through this post where I will represent some best examples of braided hairstyles 2014 and I am sure you will get inspired.

milkmaid braided hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are often worn by celebrities and we see them on catwalks and fashion weeks, still many of them are not that difficult to design and can actually be combined with casual outfit. Read more »

Layered Hairstyles 2014

New season is almost here! Are you ready to make the step for a change in the coming season? All our beloved celebs and beauty bunnies have already updated their image with new clothing designs as well as hairstyling ways. So it is the very time to take a look through new designs and choose a hot hairstyle to win hearts.

Hairstyles designed are numerous, it is just a matter of what you like more. If you seek for dramatic changes you can vary from extra short haircut to medium and asymmetric haircuts. But we all know that owners of long hair cant chop off an inch of their hair length, so the best solution in such a case is layering that will upgrade your image, inspire it with fresh breath and yet you will still wear long hairstyle.

ginger layered hairstyles

2014 hair trends represent the greatest variety of new hairstyles, you can just get lost while choosing. Layers can be added to any hair length, short, medium or long. Layering styles have some specific features and now we will discuss some of them. Read more »

Cute Easy Hairstyles

Looking for some inspiration for the coming party? Check out these cute easy hairstyles that will make you be in the limelight wherever you go!

In older posts we have discussed it already and here come new ideas. A cute ‘do can upgrade your appearance, totally change it into something new thus affecting your personality and inner feeling of being unique. Look through the hairstyle I will represent now and for sure you will find the party hairstyle you are looking for and with the new style you will stand out of the crowd and be the queen of the ball!

easy medium hairstyle long party hairstyle

blonde easy haisrtyle cute easy hairstyle

Breathtaking locks are made easy. Now it’s the perfect time for you to start to experiment with your locks to get an updated look. having many meetings and parties and anniversaries scheduled, it the moment to start to learn new techniques and styling tips to get easy party hairstyles that will inspire your image with brand new je ne sais quoi. The easiest way to get the new look with glossy locks is to obtain curling iron and hot rollers and take the step to experimenting with locks that are suitable for both long and medium hair length. Read more »

Short Hairstyles Ideas

Ladies that want to be in trends and catch eyes, check out short hairstyles ideas that include all the trends of 2014 and have the air of modern touch around them.

Short hairstyles are gaining more and more popularity each day. Among the celebrities you can see many with short haircuts. Even the ones who used to wear long tresses, have come to shortening their hairstyle. Quite daring, right? In this post I will represent some new short hairstyles ideas 2014 and you will be able to understand whether you can take the risk to change your image to to a new seductive look.

retro short hairstyle messy short haircut

blonde pixie haircut choppy layered pixie

Pixie haircut can be considered the best short haircut that is beyond any doubts the trend 2014. Hair stylist advice to opt choppy bang and short crops for the coming spring-summer seasons. If you are a confident and strong woman, definitely this is your style to show your power. Anyways, you must take into account face shape, pixie wont fit long, square and round faces. If you still want pixie you can try another option – short pixie with a longer layered bang that will hide face imperfections and mostly accentuate eyes. Read more »

Hair Color Trends

It doesn’t matter if you are a seductive natural brunette or a cute feminine blonde, there comes time when you get tired of the current appearance and seek for a change. And here I come, find below the hair color trends for the coming seasons and get inspired.

hair color trends 2014

 On of the trendiest decisions for blonde hair owners is sandy blonde hair color. You can renovate your look also making the roots darker that will give your locks more natural effect. Hair stylists also offer putting stress on facial features by using some highlights that will renew your image. Read more »

Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Each woman longs for healthy long tresses that will make her look sexy and attractive. Despite the times many women choose to keep long hairstyle though among its being multifunctional long hair can also have shortcomings. First of all long hair can seem dull if its not healthy, so it’s clear that beautiful tresses require much care and maintenance and time. Th easiest way to get fresh look is to add layers to your long style or better bangs. Below check out some new ideas for long hairstyles with bangs.

long hairstyles with bangs brunette long hairstyle with bang

Long hair is unique cause it can be combined with any bang style, just be careful to choose the right one fitting your face shape. Bang is not only trendy solution in hairstyling nowadays, but it can also hide flaws of your face, so first of all you have to analyse your face features and shape, then choose the bang style. If for example you have wide forehead you can try a big eyebrow sweeping bang and hide the imperfection, making your face look more proportional and nice. This bang type will also fit oval face shape. Well, any bang can fit oval face shape. Read more »

Long Hairstyles with Layers

Suddenly you got tired of your daily casual appearance and what to do? Have you heard of layering? For sure women with long hair can never say goodbye to their tresses, they cant even cut an inch of them, but layering is another thing, that will give fresh touch to your hairstyle. No edgy changes just a little touch up and your image is totally breathing with life and energy.

brown hair color long layers long layered hair

long hairstyle with layers natural blonde long layered hairstyle

The reason why women prefer layered hairstyles is that it’s actually multifuctional. Of course, blunt cut long hairstyle looks gorgeous, but a layered one gives numerous ways of styling it. And the best thing is that you needn’t be a professional to style long hairstyles with layers and a have a new look for each occasion. Read more »

Ideas for Natural Hair Color

You are looking for a change in your image and seem to be at a loss? The simplest way is to change hair color! Many women go for this option to have a new fresh look. Nowadays modern dying technique offer such a great variety of hair colors and shades, that you will find an appropriate hair color meant for you.

This year hair stylists offer not to go very bold and better opt for natural hair shades, that is represented by numerous variations and color combinations. Here below you will find some fresh ideas for natural hair color, so check it out!

curly blonde hair color long blonde hairstyle

Blonde hair color

Blonde hair color is undoubtedly the most popular hair color no matter the times. Our beloved celebrities from Hollywood often choose this hair color and always get the finest seductive appearance. In 2014 stylists advice to choose blonde shades like sandy, golden, dirty and even some with brown tones. The mentioned shades will be perfected for tanned skin, so prepare for summer look and be the first to have the marvellous image. Read more »