Beautiful Hairstyles

2014 Stylish Midi Haircuts with Layers

This year too, medium haircut is at the top of popularity due to its numerous advantages. Indeed, medium haircut is the one that will be a perfect match for any face shape and hair texture. Furthermore, due to its low hair care routine and maintenance you will be able to create fabulous hairstyle without any effort. Medium haircut will look great both on mature women and girls so if you have decided to go for changes, you can choose one of the following stylish midi haircuts that will give brand new look to your boring hairstyle.

2014 shaggy medium hairstyles 2014 messy bob hairstyles


Wide variety of medium haircuts is just amazing and you can easily find the best one to complete your image. All you need is to analyze your face shape and hair texture and then choose the style that will bring out your natural beauty and make a real beauty bunny. More often women choose medium blunt bob that looks really hot and sexy, however, such hairstyle will not be suitable for all hair textures especially for thin and fine hair. In the case you have thin hair, you can add soft layers to your midi and feel the immediate transformation of your thin fine locks.  Read more »

Madonna Fall Hairstyles 2014

Madonna is one of the celebs that has changed her image during her career infinite times and all her styles have become real trend for millions of women all over the world. It is simply impossible to remember all celebrity hairstyles by Madonna so let’s take a look a latest and most popular Madonna fall hairstyles 2014 and you will surely find the one that will complete your image.

Madonna vintage fall hairstyles 2014Madonna straight fall hairstyles 2014

Madonna is a great lover of wavy and curly hairstyles and she is often seen wearing elegant wavy hairstyle. For more tight and fluffy curls you can use curling iron. In order to create defined and tight curls apply styling mousse on damp hair and then go on with styling. Try to keep the iron a bit longer. When you finish the styling process, leave hair to cool down and then run your fingers to separate curls. Read more »

Cute Formal Hairstyles 2014

Formal outfit demands evening makeup and of course formal hairstyle that will be in perfect harmony with your dress. There are zillion formal hairstyles and styling ideas that will help you to create stunning look. You may first get confused when choosing from great variety of available styles, so I have chosen the most popular formal hairstyles of 2014 that will help you to find the one for coming party.

stylish Formal-Hairstyles-2014 Simple-Formal-Hairstyles for 2014

Formal hairstyle can be very complicated but such style can be created only by pro hairdresser. If you want to save your money you can learn few simple tricks that will help you to create smashing look for your own. Take a look at these cute formal hairstyles ideas for 2014 and get ready for beautiful makeover. Read more »

Bun Summer Hairstyles 2014

Now that summer is in here, we ought to be ready, ladies! Not only our wardrobe needs to be upgraded, but also hairstyles. We well know that summer hairstyles are easy and relaxed, not demanding time and effort. We have talked about beach wavy hairstyles  and now I want to discuss updo summer hairstyles. For sure no sophisticated updos are allowed, all about soft and tender, mostly messy designs, that is to say bun hairstyles. To consider it more thoroughly I have collected some ideas for bun summer hairstyles 2014, let’s see them, girls!

Summer Messy Bun Hairstyles

Bun updo hairstyles can be of different designs and meant for different occasions. And some of them are very complicated that only hair stylist can create. But for summer hairstyles 2014 we should consider the easiest bun hairstyles, and the first style to mention here is messy top knot. I am sure there is no woman who has never pulled up hair in a knot and run out from her flat. Now imagine your simple updo complete with summer hair accessory! You will get wonderful flirty summer image. Leather and metallic headbands, scarves and other summer hair accessories find here. Read more »

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

If you are going to a party be sure the queen of the ball: think and plan in advance you cocktail dress, make up and for sure hairstyle that must complete your evening gown. For formal hairstyles you can choose one of the numerous elegant and graceful hairstyles that can fit any dress, as well as hair type and length.

half up half down hairstyles half up half down prom hairstyles

Nowadays you can create any hairstyle you can imagine, it is all due modern techniques and styling means. Some of them are quite modern as hair stylist never sleep, and some of them represent the classy hairstyles that never yield their positions in hair fashion industry. Among such classical hairstyles I can mention half up half down hairstyles. These ones are very cute and can be elegant fitting parties with friends and formal occasions like proms and weddings. So you see that styles for half updo hairstyles are many, you just need to choose an updo for your event. Read more »

Hair Color 2014: Red Hair Shades

Are you ready for the coming new season! I am damn sure that yes! You must be tired of your dull daily look and you seek for something new and hot to glam up your look and not get lost in the colorless pale crowd.

New haircut is a way to freshen your image, but not all of us are ready to cut off tresses, so new hair color is what any woman can need. Hair color trends 2014 offer us new red hair color shades combined with natural tones that will look smashing. Check out my selection of red hair shades that can be considered the trendiest hair color 2014.

auburn hair color ideas

I must mention that red hair color demands high maintenance, it’s very capricious and you must be ready to take care of it, and the result will be worthy your efforts for sure. Now let’s pass to red hair colors 2014. Read more »

Men Hairstyles 2014

New season has come and for sure it’s much brighter than the previous ones and is full of new designs and styling solutions. This is about whole fashion industry, hairstyling also included. Let’s consider men hairstyles 2014 to start with, they are daring, strong and full of new fresh breath, so here we go!

alex turner greaser hairstyle for men

Before we pass to men hairstyles, I’d like to say that this year men and women hairstyles have much in common, and first of all  is retro design that has come back now. It’s easier for women cause hair stylist offer us so many variations of new hairstyles, that it easy to choose among them, while men choice is not that wide. Let’s look through the men hair trends 2014 and see the hairstyles that appear on catwalk shows now and then and attract our attention. Read more »

Summer Hairstyles 2014

Some may say that we are still fighting against cold and it’s not the time to dream about summer, but I can say that the best way to warm up and get ready for the coming seasons is to look through summer hairstyles 2014 and get inspired with the new looks modern stylists offer us.

summer hairstyles 2014

2014 spring/summer hairstyles are very relaxed, and stylists offer us to keep more natural hairstyles. Slicked back hairstyle with wet effect tends to be the first one to appear on catwalk. This hairstyle has been popular for the last three years and 2014 seems not to change the trends. It is too simple to style: just comb your hair back and apply hair gel for the stunning wet effect and that’s it! Read more »

Bridal Hairstyles 2014

The wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days in any girl’s life, every should be planned beforehand, months before, carefully chosen dress, accessories and for sure wedding hairstyle. In this post you will find some of the best bridal hairstyles 2014 and get inspired to choose the one fitting your weeding dress.

wedding hairstyles 2014

Before we come to new wedding hairstyles, I should mention that the trends of last year are still in fashion, loose updos, vintage waves, braided hairstyles, half updos, you can still choose any of them. In first place let’s consider loose wavy hairstyle. For the coming new seasons hair stylists advice to be plain and mostly choose natural styles. If you plan a beach wedding, then wavy hairstyle is what you need. Natural flower accessories, veil, or bright headband band will perfectly complete your image. Read more »

Rockabilly Hairstyles

Rockabilly hairstyles once were extremely popular in 1930s, but here they are back now! Modern hair stylists often choose retro hairstyles with new tricks for their shows and rockabilly hairstyle is really often seen on red carpet events. This hairstyle is both for men and women and both of them look bold and funky in both cases. In the post I will show you the best examples from catwalk shows.

rockabilly hairstyles 2014

Men rockabilly hairstyles are cool and look modern, so let’s begin with them. Quiff hairstyle can be designed on short haircut or on medium undercut hairstyle when the upper layers are longer while the sides and back are cut short even shaved. A small and easy simple trick by stylists inspire retro look to the hairstyle. Styling gel will give wt look and volume is achieved by teasing hair. If you have natural curly hair, then this style is precisely for you. Read more »