2013 Stylish Bob Haircuts

Bob haircut is the classical hairstyle that is the most popular in its category in the present time. This is the unique hairstyle that is suitable for any face shape and features so you are free to go for it. 2013 has set its trends and short haircuts is really the 2013 trend in hair styling. Its has become very popular and many women are wearing bob haircuts due its easy maintenance, but for sure hair gurus go on inventing new styles to make us look more and more attractive. Find the stylish bob haircuts of the current season below and choose the one fitting you the most.

Mostly new ideas for bob hair are based on the classical bob haircut. That looks really fascinating on deep black hair.

deep black color bob haircut

Bob haircut looks so great on wavy hair inspiring you with angelic spirit and incredibly cute looks

blonde wavy short bob

Its curious to see bob haircut backview, it may seem a layered hairstyle, but now you know that its bob that looks like this.

bob cut backview

If you own gorgeous blonde hair color then the style below will be quite suitable for you, adding romance and elegance to your image.

blonde bob short hairstyle

Great number of our beloved celebrities have changed their appearance recently and now they are wearing different style bob haircuts. And I can suppose that this is the reason of this style extreme popularity.

celebrity short bob haircuts

Jena Malones having straight hair, has abruptly changed her hairstyle to bob cut, and now she looks so much more seductive.

Jena Malones bob haircut

If you want to try something challenging and brand new, go for shaggy bob haircut, you will look incredible.

shaggy bob haircut

If you have straight hair, you can still have awesome look. Check out this stylish bob haircut below and go straight to your hairdresser.

straight bob hairstyle

2013 has entered our lives with its own rules in fashion. And the main rule is short haircut. You still don’t have it? Rush, you can till be trendsetter!

2013 stylish bob haircut

And finally short inverted bob hairstyle needs to mention. It is the trendiest among these styles and you can see many celebs wearing this bob hairstyle.

inverted bob hairstyle



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