Short Hairstyles for New Season

Get the brand new image with cutest short haircuts for new season. Stress your best features with these extravagant short haircuts and be the trendsetter! Go through the pictures of short haircuts I collected below, choose the one for you, and make the shift in your appearance with the modern short haircut.

Strict lines and acute definite edges of these modern short haircuts appear to be so seductive and hot! Each of these haircuts is a unique representation of the modern world. This year as well as it was last short pixie will be in trends above all other short haircuts. Short pixie is often combined with a dissymmetric bang or long choppy bang to make it look even more fashionable. But if you want to create something more complicated combine it with a longer bang to challenge your styling skills. Get a graceful look with a sleek short pixie created by a flat iron, or a flirtier look with the help of texturizer.

Punk short haircut with shaved parts is precisely for you if you are adventurer and super confident person. With this edgy change you will make a definite fashion statement and draw attention. But if you want to make the change gradually, choose to start from short bob hairstyle with soft layers. This will be the best decision for business ladies who never have time to take care and maintain long hair.

Short haircut will become your smartest weapon only if you learn how to take care of it and keep it proper condition. You are wrong if you think that short hair doesn’t demand hair care routine. To keep short haircut in perfect state you must visit a hairdresser for trimming once a month at least. It will help you to get rid of split ends and have the fresh look all the time.





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