Rockabilly Hairstyles

Rockabilly hairstyles once were extremely popular in 1930s, but here they are back now! Modern hair stylists often choose retro hairstyles with new tricks for their shows and rockabilly hairstyle is really often seen on red carpet events. This hairstyle is both for men and women and both of them look bold and funky in both cases. In the post I will show you the best examples from catwalk shows.

rockabilly hairstyles 2014

Men rockabilly hairstyles are cool and look modern, so let’s begin with them. Quiff hairstyle can be designed on short haircut or on medium undercut hairstyle when the upper layers are longer while the sides and back are cut short even shaved. A small and easy simple trick by stylists inspire retro look to the hairstyle. Styling gel will give wt look and volume is achieved by teasing hair. If you have natural curly hair, then this style is precisely for you.

Women quiff hairstyles can be created by the same simple steps, the difference is that the rest of hair you can leave loose, or style in an updo.

quiff hairstyle are seldom seen in streets with casual outfit, they are mostly meant for parties and are frequently seen on catwalk events. Stylist represented rockabilly hairstyles 2014 that are quite bold and edgy, but you can opt more natural backcombed hairstyle that is considered one of the quiff hairstyles.

Rockabilly hairstyle is specific and it requires accessories like stripes, color combos and patterns, so if you decide to have this hairstyle, be ready to update your wardrobe as well.

wet rock haircuts for women

women wet rock hairstyles

rockabilly hairstyles for womens

women quiff hairstyles

men rockabilly hairstyles 2014

men rockabilly hairstyles

rockabilly hairstyles for men



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