Men Hairstyles 2014

New season has come and for sure it’s much brighter than the previous ones and is full of new designs and styling solutions. This is about whole fashion industry, hairstyling also included. Let’s consider men hairstyles 2014 to start with, they are daring, strong and full of new fresh breath, so here we go!

alex turner greaser hairstyle for men

Before we pass to men hairstyles, I’d like to say that this year men and women hairstyles have much in common, and first of all  is retro design that has come back now. It’s easier for women cause hair stylist offer us so many variations of new hairstyles, that it easy to choose among them, while men choice is not that wide. Let’s look through the men hair trends 2014 and see the hairstyles that appear on catwalk shows now and then and attract our attention.

Elvis Presley is a never fading stars and in all times his fans wear his famous quiff hairstyle with backcombed hair. 2014 trends also offer this hairstyle, you just need to have an undercut with shaved sides and back part and then just comb your hair back and fix with a styling gel.

Undercut hairstyle is one of the few men haircuts that has many styling ways but to do it you must be ready to devote much time than to a simple short haircut. If you are already wearing undercut hairstyle, all you need now is to learn what styles can be designed now. Classy backcombed hairstyle is easy to do and it perfectly fits suit and tie for a formal event.

men hairstyles 2014

mens greaser hairstyles

phillip limmens mens hairstyles

side parted mens hairstyles

slicked back men hairstyles




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