Madonna Fall Hairstyles 2014

Madonna is one of the celebs that has changed her image during her career infinite times and all her styles have become real trend for millions of women all over the world. It is simply impossible to remember all celebrity hairstyles by Madonna so let’s take a look a latest and most popular Madonna fall hairstyles 2014 and you will surely find the one that will complete your image.

Madonna vintage fall hairstyles 2014Madonna straight fall hairstyles 2014

Madonna is a great lover of wavy and curly hairstyles and she is often seen wearing elegant wavy hairstyle. For more tight and fluffy curls you can use curling iron. In order to create defined and tight curls apply styling mousse on damp hair and then go on with styling. Try to keep the iron a bit longer. When you finish the styling process, leave hair to cool down and then run your fingers to separate curls.

If you want to create more elegant and romantic look, you can recreate Madonna’s vintagewavy hairstyle. In this case too, use curling iron or hot rolles to create waves. The only difference is that you should not keep the iron too look. You can also use large rollers for soft and barely seen waves. When you finish the styling process, separate curls with wide tooth comb for more natural and glamorous look. Another wavy hairstyle that will look stunning on any occasion is wavy half up-do. All you have to do is to pull back the front section or bang and secure it with chic hair clip. Such elegant will open your face and at the same time show off your gorgeous tresses.

Madonna short curly fall hairstyles 2014Madonna bob hairstyles for fall 2014

What about Madonna’s hair color? She has never changed her blonde color and sometimes appeared wearing golden blonde with dark roots. Such color looks natural yet so sexy and stylish. You can also have similar look if only you turn to pro colorist

Madonna medium hairstyles for fall 2014Madonna curly fall hairstyles 2014




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