How to Style Lovely Waves

The greatest advantage of waves is that you can provide your lovely and attention-grabbing look without spending too much time and effort. To create your lovely and beautiful waves you just need such simple hair styling products as heated roller, curling iron, hairspray and paddle brush. These are the things that help you obtain your favorite wavy hairstyle. If you want to have pretty waves learn those simple rules presented below and create your new alluring image.

How to Style Lovely Waves

  • Begin styling your locks by making a side parting. You can even use the comb tail end for a more beautiful result. Afterwards take your heated rollers and start the styling process. Try to keep your hair clean and dry to obtain a more attractive result.
  • Take larger rollers if you want to get soft waves. Those who like tight curls can take smaller ones.

  • Gently remove the rollers and let your  locks  cool for a minute. Brush out your curls with a paddle brush. No need to brush your locks in case you use large rollers. You can use just your fingers to seperate and style your waves. Finally use the hairspray to get a glam rasult.



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