Bun Summer Hairstyles 2014

Now that summer is in here, we ought to be ready, ladies! Not only our wardrobe needs to be upgraded, but also hairstyles. We well know that summer hairstyles are easy and relaxed, not demanding time and effort. We have talked about beach wavy hairstyles  and now I want to discuss updo summer hairstyles. For sure no sophisticated updos are allowed, all about soft and tender, mostly messy designs, that is to say bun hairstyles. To consider it more thoroughly I have collected some ideas for bun summer hairstyles 2014, let’s see them, girls!

Summer Messy Bun Hairstyles

Bun updo hairstyles can be of different designs and meant for different occasions. And some of them are very complicated that only hair stylist can create. But for summer hairstyles 2014 we should consider the easiest bun hairstyles, and the first style to mention here is messy top knot. I am sure there is no woman who has never pulled up hair in a knot and run out from her flat. Now imagine your simple updo complete with summer hair accessory! You will get wonderful flirty summer image. Leather and metallic headbands, scarves and other summer hair accessories find here.

bun summer hairstyles 2014 braided bun summer hairstyles

You can experiment with braided hairstyles. Bun and braids look very cute together. Plait some strands into loose braids and end them in a bun, or create braided bang hairstyle.

Among hair trends 2014 chignon hairstyles hold a definite position. For summer looks you can create a low chignon and complete it with flower and colorful hair accessories.

headband summer hairstyles cute low bun hairstyles 2014

top knot summer 2014 messy bun summer hairstyles 2014



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